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  1. Yes, u can, provided you redo your bathroom flooring. the main sewerage hole will not shift, the only lay pipes underneath to facilitate the flow of water
  2. $110-$150/ft also depending on overall ft. <$200-400 for kitchen cabinet base if need to construct. counter top additional charge. for budget go for solid surface, got more moolah to spend go for quartz. don't get compress wood, thats y yr counter top is rotting.
  3. wah likely the fella won't reply u from a 2007 post. yes, it will get dirty, just keep your place dry. there is nothing u can do about it. the hole is there so piping can run through from the bottom. only thing is whether the hole is big or small and especially p-trap wc have these.
  4. For HDB flat you shouldn't shift the WC or try pipe altering by additional fixtures. It is prone to jam. so wall mount wc is also out. even if u can wall mount it will make your bathroom even smaller. u can only shift your basin and bath area. usually for this type of space, basin in front of wc and chop the entire area into two, the other side for bath. but there is a drawback, yr mirror is right in front of your wc and every time u do big business, you will see your own expressions which i find it very awkward and a no no no. personal preference.
  5. go for vinyl, cheaper. more water proof, will not pop out after long use, not easy to be scratched. but both vinyl and wood are susceptible to depress under sharp heavy weight.
  6. Nope, its not like that one. Vinyl flooring are rubbery plastic types of materials. It's prone to depressing with heavy weight. The above is caused by heavy objects placed on top and dragging it. Tell your ID to change the affected vinyls.
  7. aye dun worry lah...if u see the fridge delivered is carton boxed properly wif proper packaging is most probably new one. check the handle area where pple open and close the door and the bottom of the fridge door there for scratches. handle area are prone to scratches whena alot of people opening it and fridge bottom is people kicking it...u see liao will noe lor... cheers!
  8. soz sis...yesh u r...i got the alpine series for $175...
  9. yes u can find them there. btw kaarcher most models dun have retractable cables to hide the cabling, so very ley chey, i've dropped the idea to get teh kaarcher...
  10. note that for mio plan, you cannot switch off your router or else your home phone will not work cos it's a digital line. so 24hrs have to be on. oh btw the pic shown is some sort of telephone xchange to facilitate phone line in your house for single or double lines. they ain't so good to provide you with so many ports for internet use. look at the cabling, line1 and line2
  11. aye dun kenna smoke hor...the price of a boxup is different from cabinet. normally they charge the same boxup/cabinet price when u boxup the pipes at the cabinet area, so they already earn. actually u dun do boxup also can just have the chimmney extended all the way to the top. some chimmney like rinnai are extensible. my house is old house have a protuding edge so no choice have to do boxup, if no protuding edge can don't need to do.
  12. DIY is the cheapest, just get a new set of hinge and relocated them to those not rotten area. if the entire edge rot then have to change liao...
  13. dun need to buy new one. my wife house aircon is oso very lao kok kok, but still in good shape give cool air. if the aircon u all switch on feel cooling then it's ok. if u don't use it more than once a week dun need to change, if yes then have to. aircon that don't perform will consume more elec cos the AI will tell it to keep making room cooler...