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  1. Complain to town council, they can take a look and advise what to do. After all, pay them maintenance every month.
  2. There are some cheap insect netting from the diy stores, it uses Velcro at the edges and can be stuck to any window area.
  3. I got a nest of ants in my bedroom last time, and the funny thing is I don't have the habit of eating in my room. Luckily my floor is light coloured, so I could see the trail easily, and it led to my dresser. So I sprayed insecticide and throw away my whole dresser, which is old and from ikea. Few days later, the 'survivors' manage to relocate to the back of my wardrobe. *faint*, I don't understand why they chose my bedroom?! And this time again, I sprayed and wipe down thoroughly with soap and water. And I saw the eggs during the spraying process. Anyway, that was the last of it and I haven't seen them again. *cross fingers* Now I use this brown sugar bait which I got from neighbourhood shop, works well so far.
  4. I will also change, but maybe just the master toilet WC. No budget. What would be a reasonable price for a standard WC (include installation)? No need branded.
  5. Throw in a few cloves of garlic and keep the rice in moisture free area.
  6. Just use the sticker that is meant to catch the lizards, can buy from supermarket. But it is quite gross to see the lizard stuck on the patch, abit cruel as well, cos it is still alive.
  7. Hi missydeer, does your contact do renovation for the whole place besides carpentry? Btw, what is the length of your wardrobe? Please PM me the your contact details. Thank you very much!
  8. Just go to the new place regularly and spend some time there, got some 'ren qi'.
  9. I also very curious about the future, but I heard from my aunt that knowing too much of 'tian ji' (heaven's secret) is not good also, like tian ji bu ke xie lo. Some people tell me it is self fulfilling. Dilemma siah.
  10. Actually I also heard that it is better for bed to have legs, good for 'qi' to circulate beneath. But now the homes are so small, have to utilise all space. I don't really like the idea of storing luggage under bed, in case go overseas and accidentally bring back bedbugs. Eeeekk.