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  1. We were initially looking at some of your selected pieces as well! The burger bed, tv console from mountain teak and commune bench. Thought the bench is really unique too, as compared to the more reasonably priced ones in Sg. So will opt for table 3 too
  2. Hihi, your mailbox is full. Can share your LED distributor contact please? Thanks!
  3. haha...missus happy = hubby happy...no? Hubby clean = HAPPIER missus
  4. This looks like a great dressing 'table'! Interesting you chose to use the common bathroom instead of the nearer MBR one. We are just going to use one bathroom as much as possible too Have chatted with the tap seller you recommended, he really sells alot of other products! See until my eyes popped! Hahah..thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for sharing, seems pretty fast. Good to have more options
  6. Nice loots! Wondering how long does oops take to deliver the stuff?
  7. Oh yes the bigger one is the 550L..very nice...on sale now at rakuten.. too bad I think it will overwhelm most bto kitchen these days
  8. Oh really? I have been eyeing the zebra whistling kettle one for the time and it really looks similar! Glad to hear that the fruit flies probably not the fridge's issue. Loving this model's 450L capacity! But as it is quite deep, hubby has been persuading me to get a newer but smaller model at 395L so that it doesn't 'poke' out from the cabinet as much...
  9. Waaaahhh.. You sure have storage everywhere! I almost went for a nice counter top basin till i realised the space required.. Hence thinking of a semi recessed one like yours too
  10. Wah... I suppose there will be cakes/cookies for your guests??
  11. Ah I see..Mine is for whole unit so looking at every cent! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Wah appreciate the reviews on lightings! Getting them from taobao too ​ Btw care to share how much was the supreme laminates? I'm probably getting mine from woodculture - Berry Alloc since their riveria range appears to be more water resistant. But quite ex of coz..checking if there are other options.
  13. Ahh I see.. If ikea works for you then would think their prices are hard to beat! I see some people in renotalk shipping furniture pieces from Taobao though..maybe you can try if you are willing to take some risk?
  14. Hoping to finalise my flat design by then so I can start getting lightings, chairs, taps, lots of (& some probably unnecessary) kitchen accessories and maybe even ceramic ware! I have a thing for buying containers & jars, not knowing what to put in them! Hahah.. end up I will buy more things to fill them! This will be my first purchase by sea freight. Most probably will try out Amcon as peeka rates seem quite high? Am abit concerned if things will start to go haywire since volume of transactions is expected to be really high that period. Oh well, worth a shot if there are good deals!
  15. Thanks! Good to hear that they are ok! The one with the crack is indeed unfortunate.. Have been looking through TB for some time and those so called branded ones at lower prices are probably knock offs. A tell-tale sign is that the same looking taps/shower mixtures are all branded differently (kohler, grohe and even jomoo)! I actually went to the extent of going to these brands' china website to match the models! Concluded that even some highly priced items by tmall sellers are questionable In the end zoom in to Moen taps. Since it's a US brand, they have some reviews on amazon and the fittings are catered to chinese market, so probably won't need converter/adapter like those bought from amazon. Oh well, wish me luck!