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  1. Finally i have time to pen down the renovation journey so that i can recall in future. i remember i have also left the review 5 years ago when i got my BTO but i couldnt find the post anymore. To begin with, we purchase a resale Condo 4 bedder. the intention is to extend the master bedroom bigger so eventually it will become 3 bedroom with ample space in master bedroom with working desk as well. We read the blog many times but given the time spend and hacking works involve, we decide to get a ID instead. from my last BTO, i rem the ID didnt do a good job and end up i have to do the liaison on my own. we (my hubby and I) debated and we decide that we should get a ID more experience so that same issue wouldn't happen again Selection of ID: with the past experience and given time, i carefully select the ID and i meet each and every one of them. i have meet at least 10 (from all sources like website, FB post etc) we finally come down to 3. really have to put the quote side by side. Why? coz some got quote here, some never quote there. those put 0 not we don't want but it says on the spot then can discuss the price. Hacking Axxxxx - Feaure wall hacking should be 20ft, missing wallpaper hacking Dxxxx Axx - missing kitchen wall and floor tiles hacking Mansory Works Axxxx - no hollow block Dxxx Axxx - no kitchen tiles and floor tiles, no hollow block, washing machine kerb Nxxxx- to remove rubbish chute Polishing Pumbling works painting works Capentary works Dxxxx Axxx - Living room feature wall 9ft A7x 9. Axxxxxx and Nxxxxxxxx 6 x 8ft Axxxxx and Nxxxxxxxx master bedroom feature wall 6ft, Dxxxxx Axx 5ft Axxxxxx waredore 9ft, desgin 9ft, Nxxxxxxxx 8.5ft Nxxxxxxxx Tall unit 1 ft only. The rest 2ft Axxxxxx Kitchen Top n bottom 20ft, the rest 19ft Axxxxxx no backlash Axxxxxx island 8ft; Dxxxxx Axx 4ft; Nxxxxxxxx 10ft Dxxxx Axx Alter 2ft; the rest 3ft Nxxxxxxxx Mirror 6 ft, the rest 5ft Ceiling works Nxxxxxxxx never quote Axxxxxx - Mastebedroom Glass Panel, kitchen glass panel Mich Nxxxxxxxx free Extra - PE engineering
  2. anyone can give me Mr Quek and Mr Ong Contact urgently please?
  3. I m also interested to get the final pic of her Reno. Just being referred cox my ex coll happen to work there. Not sure how is their finishing
  4. hi.. i m getting my bto flat this month. looking forward to get kitchen, tv console, L shape waredore. ant carpetery to intro ? can i have ah wei num also?? thanks ya
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