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  1. hi all.been missing so many months. finally finish my reno and move in for a month over. I m lucky that I have smooth reno process.love the space, airy and bright em.
  2. Did ur ID propose to you another typd of flooring using vinyl material? Its call high something. Anyway I heard good and bad reviews. Wonder how many people did use it?
  3. Currently I am using laminate for all my bedrooms. I find it ok but for new em I will choose light color instead of dark. Mine is very dark now. Reason being I cant tell how dirty the floor is! Like hair or wat.
  4. U very power la, sink also buy! Wht is the 4 colorful thing? Cushion for seats? I wanna buy nice table place mat. Any links recommend?
  5. Oh. Buy the rack to built in.. Then why don't u consider Blum? They have right?
  6. Personally I dont like to leave lots of plates around. Once wash I will put on rack to drip. Later or next morning will keep all already. So I won't spend so much on this.
  7. Ur kitchen cabinet dont have this rack built in?
  8. Hi alfredt, means is common for hdb flats to install exhaust fan ya?
  9. To me, ventilation quite important. Exhaust fan itself is cheap. But not sure how the contractor here will chop us
  10. I want to install exhaust fan in MBR toilet, 1 common room, kitchen. Anyone does this? In Malaysia, my aunties house fix exhaust fan everywhere. So the air circulation is very good. In hot weather like lately, her house also consider cooling.
  11. i like the black fan, can share how much and where to get? which one you decide to buy in the end? 2 or 3 blade?
  12. by the way, i am meeting my ID in 2 weeks time, going over to take some pictures of the em so he can start working on it. there are tenants in there now, the owner say take pity on them. u know she rent out to 3 people but ends up got 14 people staying!! u all know what kind of people is in there la....
  13. ur taobao loot looks promising, dont worry too much about the dent on the lamp. when hang up cant see ! u really daring, i still chicken out buying tap!
  14. hello, join the massionette owner thread! show off ur floor plan to us there !