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  1. Need landline? Or you can consider hubber if your mobile is StarHub too.
  2. Cool finally over.. Waiting sept now!
  3. Hahah reading your characters size lends volume to your expression...
  4. Movable condition... So clean now! When's the lucky charcoal date?
  5. Got pots and saucepan at metro sale...great deal and great! Heat is evenly distributed! Just dun be too harsh when scrubbing to leave scratch marks.
  6. The smaller room make a difference. More blades and longer length should be stronger.
  7. Go kick your ID if yellow. Best, give you an excuse to Reno again...
  8. Don't be despair, there's always light at end of tunnel!
  9. That's a big wardrobe! And many doors too...everything looking great!
  10. Serious redo of the flooring .. How much delay is that?
  11. Feature wall looks good... Can't see the stainless steel from pix...
  12. Oh, my ID coordinate with city gas himself!
  13. 4ddd


    Glad the air con turns on ok in the well. We all wan things to be rectified. Voicing out is a chance for rectification... Not voicing out means ...grrr