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  1. From my personal experience, I think the deciding factor for choosing an ID is not the cost. Many ppl compare quotes and go with the cheapest option, but u never know if there might be additional top-ups along the way, or if the ID does not do a good job in managing the project. Word of mouth is important, and definitely the ID's attention to details, their versatility, and how they integrate creativity with practicality. I have posted a review of the ID that my parents engaged here: http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/62409-which-id-to-choose-from/page-3#entry857214 Hope it helps! Let me know if anyone needs his contact. Will be glad to share!
  2. Just wanna share my experience (or rather, my parents') with Unity Interior De*ign. My parents engaged Samuel from Unity to do up their 15yrs old flat. I have also attended several meetings tgt with my parents and found him to be really patient (my dad can be rather frustrating to talk to sometimes XD). I must say that the whole reno went well, and painlessly! His attention to details is also another thumbs up. For eg, he measured out the size of the cutlery holders before making the drawers fit exactly to the size. So we don't have to worry that there might be wasted space if we get a certain cutlery holder, or that the holder is too small for the drawer. These details are definitely plus points! Best thing of all, no hardselling. I don't like it when IDs/contractors hardsell their an item or package, esp when it's not even what we want! Our ID listened to our needs before proposing suggestions, so we were really thankful for that. I have heard horror stories abt poor after-sales support from some IDs and contractors, but not for Samuel! He responded to us promptly and the touch-ups were all done efficiently. Will definitely recommend him coz we are very pleased with his designs and professionalism! Let me know if anyone needs his contact. XD
  3. Just sharing about my experiences with Unity. My parents engaged Samuel from Unity Interior Design sometime in Dec 2013 to re-renovate our house. They were very pleased with his professionalism and efficiency, as well as the final outcome. We renovated our living and dining room, kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Workmanship was generally well done, with some minor touch-ups that were promptly attended to by his workers. They kept to their schedule and we were able to have a new look before CNY. Some photos of the before and after in my FB: https://www.facebook.com/jiaxinloves/media_set?set=a.10152234977552886.1073741829.683292885&type=1
  4. test? http://renotalk.com/forum/uploads/gallery_61168_362_9841.jpg
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    Re-renov of my parents house in punggol
  6. How can i get those white rough brick walls? Any advice on how i can create a subtle industrial style bedroom without making it too hard and cold?
  7. Hi, i am getting my flat soon sometime at the end of this year probably. Can somebody briefly explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of a HDB loan vs bank loan? I do know that HDB loan interest rate is higher than bank loan, which means paying more for interest…
  8. Hi, can i know what model is this fan, price, and are there different colors? Is this suitable for HDB bedroom?