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  1. Hi all, I have 20 of these authentic NVC Spot Lights (white colour, does not come with light source) for sales, due to a wrong purchase. Selling 20 pcs in a bundle at 200 SGD. Individual sales @ 12 each! Please PM if you are keen, thanks!
  2. Hi Nick, can you please pm me ur ID's contact? Thank you. Ur inbox was full. Unable to send u any PMs. My bad. Using mobile browser cant see ur signature properly. Managed to catch it liao, thanks!
  3. We are back from a long hiatus and now getting ourselves beef up on finalizing our designs Firstly, we need you guys help, do you guys have any idea where can we find such bar stools? Especially the pink/blue metal (she called it retro) ones~ Thanks in advance!
  4. You can't get proper wireless signal for your MBR thru your wireless router from the living room. Unless you wish to mount your router at the corridor area (which is the center of ur house?) Alternatively you can purchase a home plug to provide wireless access in your MBR for a cheaper solution. http://www.tp-link.sg/products/details/?categoryid=2244&model=TL-WPA4226KIT
  5. A hello to all fellow RT forum-ers/t-Bloggers. Time for us to share & obtain advices, opinions and suggestions from you all. Keep the suspense for later as I'm sleepy when I'm typing this. Below's the floor plan for our humble kennel, the rest of the details shall be update on the next few posts.
  6. Nice response, seems like you did alot of homework on this! For me, I think I won't be bother to lock my metal gate. I just hope they don't steal my IP Camera that's all~
  7. Hi Bianzi, Can you try this too...? http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/concerned-hdb-resident-shows-how-he-can-unlock-digital-lock-in-30-sec-using-only#xtor=CS1-2 If it is, then it's really bad
  8. I think the bed frame still can dismantle and move in/out. Main prob will be the mattress... Some more my mattress so thick...
  9. Do you have a makeup desk or something in your M.Bedroom? And did u shifted your bed frame/mattress in first prior to the installation of your walk in wardrobe? I have the identical wardrobe design as yours initially but my wife kept complain that in future, how am I going to shift the mattress out if we are to change, as the wardrobe will obstruct the access....
  10. It's like this.. I nego til my feature wall plus suspended shelves = 1k, I also feel heart pain!
  11. Aiyah, if you can wait... i saw Tmall's Philips flagship store sells its Dimmable LED for 2xx.. prolly u will save much more...
  12. Hi Bro, Can you please PM me the quotation for the following: 1. Creslite Acrylic DC Series 2. Starlite Acrylic DC Series 3. Starlite Wood DC Series With LED Lights please, and how much for the top up for Remote Controller? P.S. It's for living room, hence the largest size. Thank you!