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  1. Hi, my reno already completed and so far i'm happy wif the outcome. Although their 'quote' was not the lowest i must say, but i'm just glad to engaged them as our id to do up our house.
  2. The color combi is nice... My house too using the same highlighted colour as urs...but the outer part using Lime Tint...it looks bright too
  3. Yes.. pls do.. who have info on any soundproofing contractor will appreciate to recommend.
  4. Does this sound proof glass (windows) really helps to eliminate noise level from outside? For eg..like jet plane flying above ur flat And how much it cost...anyone?
  5. Hi, anyone heard of this brand before(UNO Hood & Hob)??? I think this brand is a subsidiary from Technogas..and i just want to know have anyone use this brand before?? Any comment on this particular brand??? Appreciate who can help me on this... Thanks in advance
  6. Hi forumners...need advice on these particular brands of aircons. As our contractor did gave us free gifts for the air con, i just need to know which brand is better.. Is it Toshiba or Panasonice Aircon??? Both were non-inverter..Advise anyone?? Thanks in Advance
  7. suhani76


    How's the service for this global movers...as i had a lot of furnitures to move and how much did they quote u on it? Any particular person to look for this global movers Thanks in advance
  8. Then how about if u decided to do L-Box in living and dining area, is it possible to put a ceiling fan? Need to know about it...
  9. Hi...did anyone here engaged this reno comp before to do up ur home?? Need advice on it Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, i'm quite a newbie in this forum, need more info regarding Inner View Design and Contracts Pte Ltd (IMM), UHome Interior Design(IMM),GPlan (IMM)- these 3 i'm still waiting for their quotes. But got another 2 in mind -Hamid & Sons General Contractor and - at (Delta House) Did anyone engaged these Renovation firms? How's their workmanship? So anyone?
  11. Hi cornetto care to share where did u get ur curtains from? Maybe can give me the contact no?