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    I have tried to style my house with cornices during my move because I have to hide those ugly looking wires that are not really good at my sight. I agree that it doesn't fit to modern design but if you are creative enough I think you can over come its design.
  2. Hmm... My wife would be glad to see those wonderful colored chair for a dining room. She's so meaticulous and I must say that she is good at picking the right one. Are there any pictures of it?
  3. It's been a two or three month since we have reno our kitchen. We have just move so we have to do the personalize stuffs because my wife is too meaticulous and she said that it will be good if we personalize our things so we decide to reno our kitchen.
  4. I have read an aritcle about leather sofa and there are a lot of methods to make your leather sofa last long. Do not use soap or soak the stain heavily with water. This may cause more damage than the stain itself. Also, do not use cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, varnish, abrasive cleaners, detergent soaps, or ammonia water. There are a lot of methods for cleaning but you must Google it for referals.
  5. Me and my wife bought a sofa in Cellini and it's been months to us. It's still ok and we have no doubt buying it. If you want to be sure for buying a furniture you must be the one seeing the item first before you deliver it on your doorstep. Take some time inspectioning and checking that item. And by the way good luck on your move.
  6. chillin' and eating pizza

  7. Thanks for letting us know about such a horrible company. We used a reliable moving company which assist us from moving from Perth to Melbourne. Some reviews are so helpful to see the company's trustworthy.
  8. That was very unproffesional. I never heard of them but that happened to you was so rude. They should be thankful that you got them a job. It's not nice to hear some people from a company to be such rude and unproffesional to their clients. If I have a friend whose calling for their job I would rather be the one whose picking my friends stuffs and bring them.
  9. Yeah! I too use some self storage service to store some of my furnitures during my move. It's the best way if you are struggling to find some spots to where you can store some of your items. Even my computers at home I have to store them because I have no time to pack for it then go elsewhere to put it. My father once told me that everything that you do you must learn how to be smart in times of problems. Likewise what I do when I move from a condo to a private place that my father gave me.