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  1. you can try shanghai tong lee @ jalan sultan. nice friendly sales guys.
  2. Don't think you can put cement over tiles, unless is very thick, cement and concrete expands and shrinks causing it to crack. pouring and leveling is also not easy. You might want to consider lying over tiles that looks like concrete.
  3. like this? you can get it from most big hardware store. http://www.horme.com.sg/product.aspx?id=2104
  4. DIY cat condo I built, full set here. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.814317701975489&type=1
  5. you can try using a rotary tool to cut off the anchor and apply putty over it.
  6. Just a regular size projector, I will be using m6 bolts. checked with a contractor friend, recommended max size for HDB is M8. I have since installed 7 ceiling fans at home with m8 bolts.
  7. Hi all, What is the maximum anchor bolt size to be used on a hdb concrete ceiling ? M6 or M8? I am mounting a projector to the ceiling. Thanks in advance.
  8. diaso sell a slightly bent long nose plier.
  9. Interested in wemo switch, how much did you pay for it with shipping? I don't mind pop by to take a look or help install it if yu dont mind. I have left over wires, can pass you some. I am not pro electrician but I did all electrical work for my new resale flat.