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  1. 可信不可迷。 做人最重要, 以德为本,行善积德为根。 百无禁忌。
  2. Cats not allowed??? But they are so many of them...
  3. This never happen to my hardcore contractor. Glad to know him, anyone who want to try him. PM me.
  4. My contractor visited everyday and every single jobs completion to ensure the highest quality before letting their workers go off for another job. PM me if you want to try him.
  5. Ask around for referrals, visit their house and than call their recommended contractor. Big names doesn't mean good quality, but definitely more $ for the sales talk. Talk to them to get your deposit back, such big company do not need your $1000 to cater for your material and manpower so early. ether is no reason why they cannot return you as nothing had been done yet. maybe a $25 admin charge for refund.
  6. Agreed with Judy Tan, I seldom came a cross a contractor that is up to standard, personally I came across 1 who did a ****ty job in my office and trying to persuade me to accept as what it is. Most of them are hit and run style. Last but not least I came across Daniel, not cheap but very professional in his job, dateline and quality workmanship. No horse run! PM me if you are interested.
  7. my neighbour did a low cost renovation few years back, now they are facing lots of problems when he was trying to sell his house. I guess it is due to some illegal way of getting the job done. I would recommend Daniel, refer by my interior designer friend, not only detail with all the rules and regulation. He also ensure all the quality of the workmanship before handing the keys over to me.