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  1. Hi all, Anyone bought rugs/carpets from irugs.com.sg before? I was trying to find those modern rugs and seems like they carry a great selection and at a very attractive price. They offer free world wide shipping and has an office in Robinson Road but solely for administrative purposes. Thanks!
  2. Let us know of your first experience there benetay! For the value and quality, it's worth ignoring the staffs until point of purchase. Syafia, it was the same experience i had. especially on the first floor. that chinese lady, wouldnt even give us a 2nd look. such a great plc.. would have been the BEST if the staffs were the least bit helpful.
  3. Knew it Syafia!! Knew you would like it as much as I do! Glad to be of some help! I thought I have died too and went to heaven too Yeap. The service needs some redressing I feel. Some unpleasant events happened but because the furnitures were SO gorgeous and affordable, I closed one both eyes. For those going for the first time, my advice, self-service yourself hahaha. My TIP: If you need to know the price, look for the sticker pasted somewhere on the item. A= $100 B=$200 C=$300 D= $400 and the list goes on. So for eg, if the sticker on a sofa shows A299, it's simply means $1299! Just wondering whyyyy on earth they could not just print the exact price out! Because, when it gets to G, I had to manually count with my fingers LOL! Maybe next time I should come in a swanky luxurious car.. maybe i'll be treated differently. OOPPS!
  4. YES! . They are incredibly pricey aren't they. We ALMOST wanted to purchase a sofa from them but when we got to know they need 100% payment and items will arrive only 10weeks later, we thought that was ridiculous.
  5. I just checked JS website too. And it fits Country Glow's French theme. I'm not an ambassador for Taylor B or anything but yeah, you should check out the actual place in person. A gem! They are more towards European style- you'll definitely find something you will like there to suit your theme. And their website... doesn't really do justice. I love that place to bits, however the service could do a tad better though Pricewise, they have the most affordable chesterfields (yes I have a chesterfield too) in Singapore. I saw a very similar L-shaped chesterfield you are looking for at Pa****me, but they are generally more pricey than anywhere that I've checked out. Ive scouted JB too, nothing much. Cheaper yes but the transportation is quite a killer and more often than not, will make overall price unjustifiable. But of course, you can still have a look2 see2! Just so excited to find someone on the same boat!
  6. We have almost the same dining chairs. For furnitures, you might want to try Taylor B at Keppal Road. GORGEOUS stuffs.
  7. Hello! One word- FINALLY!! Finally someone on the same wavelength as me! I absolutely adore your concept. Am trying to adapt it for my new home too. Nowadays, everywhere I turn to, it's scandi/ retro/ industrial- no offense to those having this theme, it is beautiful in its own way but just not my cup of tea. Anyways, cant wait to the final result of your home. We seem to have almost the same moodboard.
  8. Hi Wei Ting, please share your experience. They were one of the ID firms we spoke to during the ID selection stage. Was a big disappointment. Had high hopes for them during the 1st meetup
  9. Price-wise, quite reasonable. The sofa I had my eyes on were usually going at above 2k, 1.8k the cheapest. But at Taylor B, it was between 1.3-1.5k? Just to quote an example though, not promoting them or anything.
  10. Nice chesterfield sofa you have there! I'm also getting the same tufted sofa but in fabric. Have you checked out Taylor B. They have really2 good furnitures- especially chesterfields
  11. Hi Doris, may I know where is the shop for the switches and sockets? RM6 is a very2 good price. I went Tampoi and its RM40/pc!
  12. Yes you are totally right wyx03_2002. We didn't take up his idea though. Just decided to live with the existing HDB tiles.
  13. We just made a trip down to Tampoi Lighting Centre (TLC) on Christmas Eve- the highly raved shop where most Singaporeans frequent. Honestly, we were kinda disappointed. Since we were from some lighting shops somewhere in Plentong (JB), the TLC seemed more steeper. Cannot even bargain. Claiming that prices have been greatly slashed. Personally, not really wow-ed with the collections. But if you happen to be in the area, there are a few lighting shops within the vicinity. We went in a few shops and bought a huge chandelier and some normal LED lights from Starworld Lighting, just a few shops down from TLC. They have more "modern" designs compared to TLC. We had quite a great deal with the chandelier, which in Singapore might set us back by at least 1k.