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  1. Sorry for those who keep asking for his contact, i apologize that there is a delay, last heard he decided not to continue his business in this line.
  2. +1 on the Kraus sink! ask contractor to be careful and don't use if possible because the cement etc when stain the Kraus sink you will have to use the baking soda method to wipe it Nice!!
  3. That is interesting! i think it has to do with the very even spread of heat on the pan and the material cast iron is really different from those normal Stainless Steel pans. However, i'm also using SS but never tried doing steak with a SS, not sure how it will turn out to be. I would say the taste might be some what different. The downside is it is **** heavy!! For a lady i think it is really difficult need to use both hands. It's me that made that decision, i have toilet fetish, maybe that is why. I enjoy my bath although short, i think we spend our most personal moments in the toilet and i want to enjoy the experience of it. Additionally, when reselling, the first thing that turns people off most are the toilets. Hence, if i'm going to spend time i might as well enjoy it. The first thing when i enter a hotel room is to see is the space, then the bed and the next thing that irks me off is a bad toilet. I can live with it, but it would be much better if the toilet is well thought through. Maybe that is why i'm more particular in toilet and kitchen. Cheers!
  4. Very good and comfy bath mat. It is machine washable and machine dryer verified. wife's fav cuckoo clock handmade from Japan lodge grill - The smell and taste is amazing! just salt and pepper...... terrible plating but the food is amazing! Cast Iron needs to be season very well before use.
  5. Kitchen overview Simple Human dish rack, metal cup will not break! cluttered Kraus Sink More storage more
  6. Glad that it is done for you, i do have some experiences which i think any of us will encounter hence we have to manage expectations. If we can do it ourselves it is much faster, like for example one of the guys had cement mixture in the toilet bowl and it stuck. I could call the contractor up and ask him come over because it is his fault that they did it. However, when i think about it, it would take 3-4 dollars to get a metal scrapper, a glove and 2 minutes to fix the problem, so in the end i will do it myself. if you have time to slowly do up the house, then yes, this contractor would fit your needs, but if you want instant 6 weeks perfect without any issues, difficult i would esp. if first time owners, because we may not know what we want and keep changing our mind about it. Some of his contractors are multi skilled so they can do quite a bit if the issue isn't specialize. I have stop providing this ID contact to forumers until after CNY because of some forumers feedback about delay. Still many PM me asking about contact. Cheers!
  7. Common toilet looks better now with the new tiles and sink. MBR: So for those who asked, yes the kettle is possible to be use on induction. Will take more pictures when i'm back, outstation. Cheers!
  8. certainly an unpleasant experience having to push through all these issues, but i think there are certain things which i would like to state. In my first initial post, i already mentioned that this ID doesn't have fancy 3D drawing like others, it literally translate that this is not your standard ID where you get everything nicely in 3D drawing etc and have it done to your expectations. It takes a lot to stomach to engage this kind of ID, and for the delay that i do agree, with so many jobs on hand, our reno is often pushed back. So really need to buffer in sufficient time like us not in a rush, than yes it is ok for us. It is usually very different from pictures/drawing and on the ground decision hence having some product/technical knowledge will be good prior to any commitment and the ability to make quick decision if things don't turn out the way it should be is also a plus. The ID is not very experience compared to many very senior ones in the market, then again back to my first point, this ID doesn't provide 3D drawing which can tell a lot that there are high risk in engaging. I'm more of a hands on person with some technical expertise hence it is ok for us, but i do agree his contractor should use the protective sheet throughout the entire job. There are some difficult customers as well, i think one of them is us.... We completed our reno almost in August period, but then decided to re-do both the toilet in major ways...in other words... we ask the ID to remove everything inside the toilet, overlay all the tiles on all walls and floors, do LED lights, mount new lights, mirror, etc etc... we also ask to overlay the kitchen tiles etc... normally tiles are first to be done before any reno begin...so there you have it.. difficult customer but we are pretty happy with the results...
  9. Keep asking. I have 1 kraus kitchen sink and 2 kraus bathroom sink all with free shipping. Ask in a more indirect manner and since they are also employees, they can get very bored if asked the question over and over again. Maybe start off with a different topic...
  10. Not 100% blum, total kitchen carpentry is 5.9k, 120$ pfr. Got to type this right. Cheers!
  11. Apologize for the delay in response to all, have a very hectic schedule the last month or so and preparing for another 2 more months of hectic schedule. We are in the last phase of renovation. The next update will be overlay of tiles in the toilet and kitchen. It will be quite a change we hope and then we will start to move in the things bit by bit. Really appreciate for all those supporters who have given their comments and really grateful of my ID who hasn't given us any trouble or hassle and very accommodating to our request. Cheers!
  12. 4th of July is US Independence Day, usually have discount during that time for Amazon.
  13. Yes ID/Contractor will recommend 90cm minimum walking space, as we have experience to utilize less than 90cm walkway space, i think there is no need for us to 'waste' the space. For 6 years our current walkway space to the cabinet is less than 90cm, we can survive with that. Yes Bed went in first before building the cabinet. That is a lot of brands, but generally: OxoSimplehumanKrausLe crusetLodgeCrusineartKohlerKitchenaidcheers!
  14. Try on another day. Keep trying. Anyway 4th of July is near the corner. Can wait for good discount.
  15. Yes that is one of the pointers taken down to be rectified. It's an easy fix actually, ID have taken down 22 points to rectify in the next job. We are doing an additional project so we can do it all one shot. Cheers.