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  1. Hi all, i would like to buy some acrylic cases to display my 1/10 scale model cars at home, but unable to find shops which sell them. Anyone got any lobang or know of shops which sell these? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, recently got my 5 room apartment in Sengkang. I'm looking to install a 5.1 sound system with 2 front floor standing speakers and 2 wall mounted speakers behind my sofa. I would also like a system with bluetooth connectivity. Anyone got recommendations for brands or models? I heard that Yamaha produces quality audio. Thanks!
  3. hi there im a new home owner of 5 room flat at Sengkang, starting renovation soon. Looking for: 1) Ceiling fans for living room and master bedroom 2) solution that allows cove light to change colour 3) down lights Can send me your catalog / quote to cyborghijacker[at]hotmail[dot]com ? Thanks