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  1. 3.2m L-Shaped Sofa Bought at $1,900 from IMM -Still in solid working conditioni and will rate it 9/10. -Machine washable fabric. -Sits >6 people. Great for entertaining. -A part of the fabric has loose thread but otherwise not noticeable. -Some colour variation when taking the picture. True colour is the darker gray shade. Dimensions shown in picture. Measurements include arm rest and back rest. Please arrange for your own delivery.
  2. On Sale is Our Preloved Alumix Pole System! LETTING GO FOR S$750.00 (bought for >S$1,600) Total Setup Dimension (m): 2.54 (H) x 2.45 (L) x 0.5 (D) -Items as good as new -About 3 yrs old but used as spare wardrobe -No chips -Aluminium poles show some scratches on the joint parts on closer look -Rust free material -Assembly can be done by your current contractor -Shelves and hanger bars able to withstand weight of clothes xx But please don't put your weight on them and expect the system to hold up xx NO COATED METAL PARTS, i.e. RUST-FREE xx NO PARTICLE BOARD MATERIALS, i.e. NO WARPING Refer to second picture for original layout. First picture shows current setup when it was moved to a smaller room (unused parts in storage). All shelves are sturdy with no warping. http://www.besglas.com/wardrobes/alumix Items include: 5x Alumix Post Floor To Ceiling 2750 2x Alumix Hanger Bar 06 2x Alumix Hanger Bar 05 2x Alumix Premium Shelf 4505 10x Alumix Premium Shelf 4506 2x Alumix Drawer 2T600ttf (with lock and keys) Self-collect at Bt Panjang.
  3. hi all... do you think Ho Bee would entertain minor constructions of erm.. wall bookshelves and such? I am in desperate need of shelves as I currently use Ikea's but those cannot hold the weight of the books. Or, would anyone know of affordable wall cabinets?
  4. Hi Joe, I booked a trip in February with Jetstar but experienced some errors while making my payment. It was during the sales period I guess traffic was heavy. Anyway, I tried several times but still received the same errors so I gave up and booked my itinerary with another budget airline. To my horror, about 30mins later, I received confirmation through email. The payment actually went through and the fare was charged to my credit card! (I wasn't aware we could cancel this with the bank.) I immediately called their hotline to complain and the officer told me to get a refund I would have to write in. Till now, I am still waiting for their reply. Like you, I was told to just wait. I'm worried too. Let me know if you have progress. Sigh.
  5. hi xmac, just wondering how convinced were both of you to laminate most areas in the house considering you have a dog AND 3 cats. as for us, since we are living with a dog, who is toilet trained but forgets at times to do her business within the designated zone, we have almost scrapped the idea of laminating the living rm. our bedrooms are laminated, as well as the study area - which is an open concept and fortunately the dog hasn't soiled the study area in the 10mths we have stayed here. our living and dining have ceramic flooring and they're really awful! part of me still want to find a reason to believe it IS still possible to laminate the living/dining area. any thoughts?
  6. harlow it's muah! !! wow. your reno is progressing well! now your living area looks so much more spacious and bright with the lightings and all. ! must post more pix hehehe eh i just realised my friend is staying in your block
  7. Happy '08 yáll! Btw, did anyone of you buy and/or are using Duro Lock Art 338? Just bought but seems like there's no way i can fit that thing in. The gap is in the opposite side! It's '08 and he's still arranging for the transport! Boo! He's full indeed. Oh no... hopefully no more cabbing for me!
  8. oh that's such a wonderful news!!! THANKS!! i'll give him a call and will wait for you to post the other provider's number too! !!
  9. hi.. any luck with finding such an arrangement? i need one to raffles place.
  10. oh thanks you all! sounds like a really tiring process but have to!
  11. hi wendily, that's so lucky of you! we just collected our keys. but our flooring appears to have just been recently changed leh coz the groutings are all so white. but we found alot of uneven tiling works though. how to check for hollow tiles huh? use keys can already??? my to is also uma. but still have to go back and do a thorough checks again.
  12. Hehe... yes I can see the algae from very far, it's so disgusting. Hopefully no fanciful colours involved in the painting! Heard from my friend that the residents actually got to pick colours from a bunch of selections leh. I asked her what colours there were, she said "blue, yellow..." Erm...
  13. WOOHOO!!! Love that clean look of your toilet!!! eh, where'd you hide the small pipes????! iWant liddat!
  14. Alamak... previous posts gone! To recap: Quotation I got from one ID for EA Premium Flat $14,477 + GST. Had received comments that kitchen cabinets are rather costly @ about $110 pfr. ID remarked that it is of good quality (thicker material) but then again, is that an important factor? What is the difference between a solid plywood postform and polyester solid surface for kitchen top? Study table (10 ft) inclusive of one row drawer is $1,210. Ceiling works are almost 10% and it is only on selective areas. For example, L Box @ Dining & Dining and False ceiling for Foyer, Hallway, MBR, Study and Living. The quote still lacks of some items, but at least we can rest assured it will not tear a bigger hole in our pockets! Still waiting for other quotations for comparison. I must say it is quite daunting at times to receive quotations that are way over your budget. It's like, err, that's not what we're prepared to pay... surely there's plenty of room for improvement. The thing is, I feel we started off with the hunt rather aggressively, specifically informing them of what needs to be done and of course the amount we're so willing to pay. But the quotes almost always seem to shock us. Now, we just tell them the same thing but with a tighter budget to work on. Not sure how effective this is, but at least IDs are more than willing to offer alternative solutions. Hmm, I wonder how much it is to overlay the entire master toilet. What can be done to hide the hideous pipings? Err, the bigger pipes situated on top can be concealed with an L box I guess, but what about the smaller pipes that leads to the shower mixer? Hmm...