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  1. Updates on Jimmy..we are thankful for his help towards us so far. Jimmy knew that we have a very tight budget and had offered to help us source for all our lights and fans from JB given the currency exchange rate now. He would take photos of the lights and fans to our whatsapp group and answered to all our enquiries from there. It really helped us so much because we do not have a car and buying lights and fans from JB itself would need a car because they don't deliver to Singapore. I'll also like to highlight that the aircon supplier and kitchan sink supplier which Jimmy recommended for us are awesome! Sales person from gaincity kept telling us that we will need 2 aircon for our living room after seeing our floor plan (our hall is L-shaped) but the aircon supplier told me and was confident that one aircon unit is sufficient. Through Jimmy, we have saved thousands of dollars on aircon, lights and fans. Also, in the event if Jimmy doesn't take your call/ respond to your messages as prompt as you expected..I can see why...whenever he is with us, his phone would keep vibrating with messages and phone calls coming in but he was very focused on serving us and will not take the calls and messages. We are in the midst of renovation and will keep all of you updated on the progess.. - Very happy customer of Jimmy
  2. Hi beeyee, Jimmy's HP number is: 8571xxxx; he is more comfortable conversing in Mandarin I've already gotten the quotation in my email inbox within 48 hours after meeting him.
  3. I approached Jimmy after reading the reviews on Renotalk. He has impressed me right from the start. He is a Chinese-speaking person mainly. I like his attitude and professionalism! Jimmy is someone who REALLY knows his work very well and he is an experienced ID. At our first meeting, he just used his ruler to measure on the floor plan and he can immediately tell us how much feet/measurement the designs will be in real life. He helped us to visualise the sizes and dimensions even more accurately by taking reference on the tiles on the floor where we were having our discussion. Jimmy gave a lot of suggestions to suit our needs. We also told him upfront that we do not have a very big budget ($15-18K) as i am a stay-at-home-mum and a lot of the income goes to our kids. He assured us that he can still do up a nice design for us. That is a VERY big contrast as compared to other IDs who told us things like "I have a lot of designs and themes but with your budget, I can only do it very minimal". Jimmy assured us that this amount is enough to do our house nicely, no problem. Despite our tight budget, Jimmy told us that he can do a walk-in wardrobe in our master bedroom! Right on the spot, he can calculate the tentative cost of our ID & renovations, ie the quotation cost within our budget. He is also a very humorous person and made the meeting very pleasant, he even volunterred to source for lights and fans from Malaysia to cut cost for us. I am very impressed with him and his attitute. We ended our meeting at past 10pm. Knowng that this is the peak period for IDs who needed to rush work before the lunar 7th month, I do not expect an quotation to be up that fast. He told us that the quotation would be ready in 4 days' time The next morning at 10am, he actually told me that the quotation is done. We will be meeting him again and will update our experiences with Jimmy. PS: I don't receive any commissions nor benefits- just a very happy customer of Jimmy
  4. Hi hi, I'm also interested in getting KDK ceiling fans for my place. Can you please help to pm me the details? Very much appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Hi! Can you please PM me your electrician too? thank you very much!