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  1. Hi, anyone can share where can get about 65cm x 65cm big red cushion in Singapore? Got two grey colour from Ikea but find it too soft and I need another red and bigger one. Thanks!
  2. Hi, anyone know Sin Chong (新中)Curtain at Bt Merah Blk 11 is still doing curtains? My mum house and my house curtains all done by them few yrs back. Today went to their shop at Bt Merah, the shop already change name and called their phone number also no more existing.
  3. Hi Bro I am looking for ceiling fan with led lights for my dining room and three bedrooms. As there are cabinets so I am looking for simple design and shorter blades. My master bedroom will have platform, will it too low and dangerous to install ceiling fan? Pls advice and quote me the price, thanks!
  4. Hi Can you quote me Mitsubishi sys 5 with one compressor for my three bedrooms, living and dining room? Pls indicate also the installation cost, pipe size and materials used and is it include dismantle old pipe and aircons. As I have an ID, can you work with him for the date of installation and how the piping install?
  5. Hi, Can you quote me the price for Mitsubishi heavy ind. model MCM 100? Pls email me at bktan02@yahoo.com.sg. I need 3 aircons in my three bedrooms and 2 aircons in my living room. I was told to get this model comes with 5 units with one compressor.
  6. Hi, I have been using gas stove, cook quite often and have a lot of pots. I am thinking to change to electric stove after my house renovation. I am quite confuse about so many types of stove/hob. I am looking for one that can use my exciting pots and is safe and lasting. Can anyone recommend? Thanks a lot!
  7. Hi, I am planning to change my gas stove to electrical stove when renovating my kitchen. I cook often and I have a lot of pots and craypot too. I was told that induction cooker is safer but can only use the pots which can stick to magnet. Is that true? Then how about electric stove? I don't know how it call, I looking for stove use electric instead of gas. Someone told me electric stove is not safe, the area remain hot even off and no indication shown but all pots can be used. Someone recommend me to use Roman delicooker or Kuche cooker but I saw some comment no good. Can anyone give me some advices as I am quite confused in deciding. Thanks!