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  1. First and foremost, Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge! To be honest, I've drawn many inspirations from your reno process. Your eye for details is hands down. On a side note, i got some questions that need your expertise. 1) In regards to the hacking of wall at the service yard, what were your considerations? I'm unsure of the effects to the ventilation and piping arrangement in the kitchen. More so during foul weather. PS: if I'm unmoved by the negative effects, I'm so going to hack it down. 2) I recalled seeing you said you had a storage heater and an instant heater. But i didnt see it in your pictures. Did you conceal it with false ceiling? And why didnt you want it to supply to the entire house? 3) Did the last overlaying in any way affected your overall reno? My ID strongly recommend me not to do it at the finest hours but do it right at the start. My issue is that I was not planning to overlay but like you, I'm certainly not very keen to owning a toilet which will spoil my mood everytime i entered it. Sorry for all the questions! Thank you so much once again!
  2. Hi OfficialCC, Have you contacted them and ask what will be the potential consequence if you reject this? Or rather would it be better if you provide them with a solution that you already have in mind? Anyway, do you mind sharing the defect reporting procedures as I'm also collecting my keys soon