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  1. Thks Tommie, Your system sounds expensive. Thks for your input. Anyone has other info to share?
  2. Hi, I'm sorry if I post at the wrong section... Really need a good ip cam for my house hope someone can share your experience or particular model that is good. Requirements : wifi / 720P / ideally can pan and zoom. Thks in adv...
  3. Hi, I wana share my unhappy experience with them. As usual, I got the contact a thru the forum as there are a lot of positive comments about them so decided to give it a try. I call Richard in end April arranging moving for end may moving ( note: 1 mth adv notice) As I could not confirmed on the date, I booked him for 28 may. He sounded aggressive and impatient and I keep telling myself must be courteous as he is really good as mentioned in the forum and also think positively that he maybe busy. I finalized the date with him by end April that I need to change the date to 30 may again is adv 1 mth notice. He accepted and said that he has write down in his note book and I verified with him that if I need to call again and he claims that don't need to. I SMS him on 7 may just to remind him for 30 may moving. Don't dare to call scare that I bothering him. No reply from him.... SMS again on 26 may as the date is near ....shucks no reply again! This time round I'm worried as if he don't show up I'm doom! I called him a lot of times at least easily 7 times (AT LEAST) no one answering. Today 28 may my final SMS to him if no reply by 10am I will have to call off the moving. As expected no reply and no one picked up my call. I really have no choice but quickly call a few more movers and is either they are booked for that day or the price is too high as is a last min arrangement. I'm super worried as is 2 more days to my moving and if I can't find any I die die need pay $650 for this so call "last min" job. Fortunately I close the appt with faith moving. Though slightly more ex but at least I know they will come. Well maybe mine is an isolated case or maybe Richard is really busy with something else that he can't reply. BUT I know that I won't use them anymore and would not recommend them to any of my friends! My another worry is that they turn up on that day and sorry to say that they will have to go back. That's all folks... Guess I'm the only posting for their bad review. Cheers.
  4. can PM me the painter no and the plumber no? Thanks
  5. Folks, I need contact for the above listed jobs urgently can anyone share the contacts if you know anyone who really can do a good job. Thanks.
  6. hi, Are u able to install the ceiling fan if the whole house has false ceiling? Do you need to remove the false ceiling to mount the fan on the concrete ceiling? Is there a way to minimise damage? Will you patch back the false ceiling or it has to be done by the plastering contractor? Can give quote for x4 kdk fan with remote? Thks
  7. Hi folks, Saw this in Parkway Parade booth selling this robot vacuum cleaner. Seems good... Any review and is it worth considering? Thks
  8. Seems like they accept bank of china credit card... You can try to apply for 1...