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  1. Our designers helped us get some deals for a full Miele kitchen and we're loving it. I can PM you their contacts. My cousin's De Dietrich kitchen didn't come out so impressive when she started daily usage of her appliances
  2. This post made me excited to share my ongoing experience with our own renovations! We're about 70% into completion of our 5,800+ square foot build and have spent $1.6m so far. Hub and family are happy with the progress so far and each week passes with new fixtures and exciting discoveries at our new house site. My advice is don't be near sighted with trying to save on good quality premium finishing. Our design architects have put in skylights, selected oak flooring, Dekton counter tops throughout, a master bathroom designed using full travertine slab pieces, double sinks for all the bathrooms (except the maid's bathroom), big glass sliding doors, some wood timber trellis areas and even a little tree in the courtyard inside of the house! Our new house must serve us for the next 30 years so why keep dreaming of that beautiful Bali Villa you see on the internet or in the magazines when you can actually have your architect designer build one for you and your family to enjoy! Choose your designers and contractors well as your house will be in their hands from the ground up. Money aside (!!) , the joy you will get from watching your house take form and shape as time passes will surely be an amazing and surreal experience. We're also lucky our designers have documented our renovations from the day the old house was demolished till present in the form of a build dairy so we didn't need to take pictures for ourselves. My latest Now dilemma is whether to use Gaggenau, De Dietrich or Miele kitchen appliances. My architect says Miele but we've missed the sale alrerady! Any advice for me please?
  3. Hi Mrsyuki,

    Saw your post that you engaged Chen+Choi to build your house. May I know are they a architectural firm or a Design & Build company? 

    Do you mind to share the cost of building you dream home?

    Appreciate and thank you.

    Simon Choo

  4. hello yarwood, yes we have appointed the same builders to give us our architectural dream! Well, the next time when you're at their office, i suggest you look at their latest Patricia Urquiola catalog for Italian tiles. We are using those tiles for the outdoor wet kitchen area and possibly some other places (still undecided). We're also keen to use travertine for our master bathroom. Did you use any marble for your house and what type? Happy building!
  5. We just signed up with Chen+Choi Collaborative and very excited to start our journey with them as our designers and builders. We've read so much from this forum and we are really thankful with all the advice from fellow forumers. Thanks for all your tips and sharing in your PMs. We will continue to frequently update as much as we can from our built and share our experience from our own personal process. We chose this architect/ID cum builder as we also only wanted 1 company to handle all our works from the start to the finish and handover. We have checked the quality of their work and it is a good standard judging from their details and we really love their style and type of modern design. We have even begun the concepts for our custom auto gates and we can see in all areas they are very attentive and approachable. Now we are finally more relaxed after finding this company as we have searched for at least 4 months.
  6. hi Serangoony, can you include me in your group. We have also just signed up with our builder/designer/architect. very excited to start our adventure! --YUKI
  7. Dear turnerdhr We have also decided to choose chen and choi as our designer/builder for our corner semi-d in the east. We are very happy with their attitude and service. What a nice environment they work in. So inspiring. They told us it will take about 8 months for our reconstruction as long as i am not the fickle type! Not sure how long or what is the size of your build. For me personally, i want to go up to at least 5500sf or more. Hope the setback doesnt affect my dream plans! We have sent them all our images and ideas and are anxious but also very excited for our journey to begin. Can you please PM me your email as i have some questions for you. Will you be using any imported kitchen systems? What is your choice of kitchen appliances? A large Kitchen is very important to me : - ) Many thx!