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  1. Hi Strawberry pear, nice bathroom and nice colours chosen! Just wondering what is your rough cost just to reno exclude appliances & soft finishings?
  2. lovie

    Hong Kong

    not that bad la... can still go if you have the time...
  3. u can get diapers from jb... but as for milk powder.. better to buy in Sin.. i realise that for certain brand of milk powder, m'sia and sin has got diff packing and the age stated is diff... not sure why.. so better to buy in sin.
  4. u can try to bf after delivery, i believe the nurses will guide you slowly...
  5. yeah.. the food at west mall is yummy... I recently tried fish and chips at blk 283, very yummy too...also like their calamari..
  6. fish and chips stall at Blk 283 bukit batok east ave 3.... very nice fish and chips and calamari..restaurant food at hawker price...