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  1. @daolevo does this $430 include dismantling the current door or anything like that? My ID quote us almost $800 for changing our MBR toilet door to frosted glass... the hinge will be made of copper/brass so it will not rust. Please advise thanks! I'm thinking it's a bit steep!
  2. U have since edited your post with images to supplement your supposed claims. I do not have facts, but my comment was based on what i deem as legit deduction and that was my opinion. I resent the "mindless brain" comment. Because I'm in fact, choosing not to blindly believe in probable false reviews in this thread. (See screenshots of previous posts that are oh-so-similar you would believe they came from the same template) Also, planting a blurred image of a person as avatar display does not instantly make any posts miraculously legit. Having seen a fair bit of suspiciously fake posts, it's only natural to deduce that yours was fake too- accompanied with the fact that it seemed like you were highly compelled to sign up at this forum, post a rather blurred picture as your display pic, then proceed to write a good review in late July when your reno was alr completed in mid-March and there were no prior posts to that one good review. you have to admit the timeline is dubious. and the motivation to go thru all that trouble is kinda odd. But, seeing that you've posted images of your renovated home, that raises your credibility so I'm inclined to believe your post more now.
  3. Would appreciate some suggestions as to where I can get marble tops (Rectangular) as dining table (metal bottoms) or any other recommendations for dining table and chairs that might be suitable for a Modern-themed 4 Room BTO. TIA!
  4. Not sure why my previous post was taken down but I feel like it's my responsibility to repost this as I absolutely loathe and find it off putting that there are people who post fake reviews ans waste people's time. I scoured through many reviews on 3D innovations as I was seriously considering them as one of the shortlisted IDs. And I found out that there were obviously many Fake reviews to make themselves look good. It's detestable. Evidences- screen shots of past posts that have absolutely similar structure and content with little variations. I'm sure that there are many more
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