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  1. To the rest who have asked me to msg u, I've done so, pls check your inbox. Sorry for the delay as I don't check the threads nowadays. Anyone else who wants to know about my recommendations & non-recommendations, pls pm me for faster response cos when you pm me, I'll receive a notification in my email. Thanks.
  2. Well, to be fair, other than the tiny spots I found, the sink sounds solid & sound proofing is good, in this aspect, it was much much better than my old sink. Other than that, I like that it's deep, can even put my whole metal wok in. I still love this sink. Many things don't last as long nowadays, those that last, companies no longer around, haha...
  3. https://www.polymersolutions.com/blog/why-does-stainless-steel-rust/ Our tap water has chlorine added which is a corrosive element. Also, there's rectification works done to my kitchen cabinets, so there may be specks from screws when contractor unscrews or tightens, not sure if those hv impacted my sink as well. But since I removed the spots, I haven't noticed any new ones appearing.
  4. If you research a bit on stainless steel, you can find many sharing that stainless steel does get rusty. There's different grades of stainless steel. One of the shops I enquired when shopping for faucet, he shared that stainless steel just like gold have different grading too, to use the really top grade for household items is quite impossible as it's not that affordable. Some sharing on Internet will tell you only certain industries will use top grade stainless steel. So, actually any stainless steel sink will get rusty, nothing surprising. As for scratches, so far ok but I've only been using for a short while. Yes, using the grid (tray) provided as shared in my pics abv.
  5. I only used my sink for 1mth+, so I still need to use longer period to observe further before I can give a more detailed review. However, jts based on my experience so far. Agree that the base is kind of flat even with the gradients & some food particles may get "stranded" but for me, I'm used to it as my previous sink did not have gradients, so I just sweeped them towards the waste bin. Anyway, it's minimum to us as we're used to scrape off any food particles left on plates/bowls except for stubborn ones that stick on. As for rust, I do notice ~3 tiny dots but I'm not sure if rust or some kind of blemishes. At 1st, I poured some baking soda on them & leave it on for few hours, got rid of 2 except a stubborn 1 but got rid with baking soda plus vinegar! My kids went "wah" when they saw the "chemical" reaction of baking soda & vinegar, so I take it education time for the kids, haha... Now, so far, didn't notice anymore spot.
  6. I can understand your frustration as I have my fair share of dissatisfaction with my ID & we had arguments with him as well. The works by some of his contractors were also half past six, resulting in few rounds of rectifications, still on-going as of now. Fortunately, the ID is still considered responsible enough to keep to the schedule & we were able to move back in time. I do understand why sometimes we don't want to publicly share the company/ID name, especially the reno isn't completed yet or negotiation is still on-going. For those contractors/companies that had already completed their works, I would write about them on my blog to share my review, so far mostly are good ones as the not so good ones still giving us headache, haha... I had pmed several people in this forum about my recommendations & non recommendations but that is people who asked me for it, like you I also have a long post on my non recommendation when I pmed them, haha... Hope you get your issues resolved soon. Jiayou & hang in there!
  7. Difficult to comment on pricing unless materials used are known but perhaps you can clarify on the followings if you're considering them For wardrobes in the bedrooms, do you want coloured or white internal pvc? There's a price difference. For the bottom kitchen cabinets & wardrobes in bedrooms, do you need drawers? If yes, does the quotation include drawers or is separate charge? If includes, how many drawers per wardrobe/kitchen cabinet & the cost for additional drawer? If doesn't include & you need it, get them to quote in as well, at least under optional like how much per drawer & any size limitation for each drawer? Drawers cost more than just shelves, so besides comparing cost, need to know exactly what's & what's not included in the quote so that you don't get a surprise after you signed the contract. Anything that the contractor/ID promised you, get them put down black & white in the quote. Also for kitchen cabinets, you don't need them to install hood & hob? The glass backing for kitchen, is it tempered glass? Asking as it's stated tempered glass for shower screen in MBR toilet but didn't mention it's tempered glass for kitchen. Are you changing the bedroom doors? If not, please make sure contractor would make good if his people were to spoil your doors during the renovation & had this stated black & white too. I encountered this, my bedroom doors were bloated at the bottom after reno, they were dismantled during wet works & chucked at a corner, probably the bottom got soaked somehow, but my ID isn't good to make good.
  8. As you can see from my pics above, there is no problem installing a kitchen sink that I spree from Amazon US. As for faucet, I bought it locally.
  9. Get them to rectify the problems until you're satisfied before you made your last payment.
  10. I can recommend electrician and air-con installer based on the service & experience I had with them. Quality wise, so far so good based on 1 month of usage after reno. I would not recommend my ID though. If you would like to know about my recommendations & non-recommendations (to avoid), I can pm you.