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  1. Hows their service? Are they the rigid type of flexible kind?
  2. it could be a leak somewhere in your piping, hv it checked first
  3. thank melons for bringing out the person's name. we should be on the lookout him in case he jumps to other furniture store. my sis had a similar experience from another co sometime last yr. forgot the sales person name, could be the same fella sometime it jus our luck to run into these type of sales person. i dun understand y they hv to lie abt where their furniture comes from.
  4. yup got the same kind of hard selling tactic from courts the last time i bought a mattress. their comm should be quite high ba. usually we wont buy it if they r 2 pushy we would rather go else where for second opinion
  5. is it recommended to get 1 big fridge or 2 mid sized kinds to separate the foods & snacks?
  6. oh is it the 1 located at tampines? 1 of my galfren once asked for their quotation. They brought her n her hubbs to view their ongoing project but the service was not so good, she said they used a van to fetch them which was a first let down n their design was soso onli from wat i heard. she even said that she saw the registration of the van was for a meat supplier. in the end she didnt used their service
  7. Do anyone know how to tell if it is tempered glass anot?
  8. Hi all Will FS affect cats as well...?
  9. All so very scary... Hi maylucio is it ok if you pm me the contractor, not sure if its allowed in the forum.... sorry im neu here. thanks in advance