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  1. mirror r usually use at dinning area as it will make youreating DOUBLE up, meaning have twice the amt of food. it is auspicious. But the reflection of the mirror also play a part. its not a good idea to have reflection of the stove, as it mean double burning of your things. stove direction is impt for FS so if have mirror reflection to it, iw will changes its direction too.
  2. Think if i go to a 20- 40 plus hse if their fridge put those bricks or plastic base in a HDB. condo n landed, i will laughin my heart. Ya maybe for those live in old shop hse where there r flood cases u will need one. Last time when im young, stay in shop hse, my mum also have bricks. maybe for flood or wash floorplus have rats hide under it cannot see.......... lol
  3. Base for fridge r for olden days, cos last time usually our parents the waythey wash or mop the floor uses lots of water. Lots of water will cos the fridge base which is make of metal materials to get rusty fast, thus they build a base for it. But now, we only mop with damp mop so it will not harm ur fridge at all. And new fridge has plastic n better metal finishes to protect it. Changing of new fridge must matchback the same size of the base is also troublsome at times as u might wanna get a bigger fridge next time or a smaller one too. Just like last time, kitchen wall r done all the way with tiles if u can remember, but now no one will do full tiling for kitchen. nowadays people just do tile between their kitchen cabinets or can use stainless steel or tempered glass.
  4. Hi lexus3r, For me, FS this kind of thing u must believe in that master thanu sort his advise. Dont try to ask too many master which will confuse u as all of them r diff. I knw u will say, cos it turn bad so i try ask others for 2nd opinion.......... My first hse n 2nd hse hav the same FS master. 1st hse after i reno the way the master advise me, than master tell me move out of the hse once it is 5yrs time as all new HDB need to stay at lest5 yrs before u can sell. He say door facing inauspious for me. TAt time i think **** man, after i spend so much on reno than tell me move ASAP, should hav tell me early so i do less reno lah. but so far during the 6 yrs there, i live quiet a easy n carefree life even $ does not come juz like ur case, i hav incrument but not much but im very happy with my health n stay happily wif my wife. We like ourhm so much till we wanted to go home everytime when we r out. As we r in a sengkang 4 room flat n my parents r staying wif us since my new born, so we r looking for a resale EA flat. It took us abt 1 yr plus to find our auspicious direction flat. (after so long, we did settle for a not totally perfect one, but directions n some others r the most impt n correct one) 2nd hse is chosen base on the same master advised direction. n this hse will suit me n wife life elements n will be auspicious to the next cycle of FS auspicious yr think abt 2023. Before we buy our 2nd hse, our life start to down turn. but it is still ok compare to others. THink it this way, maybe if your hse di not hav FS, it maybe worst than u can think?
  5. It depends on what u really what. To me, glass is better than wood as in the kitchen, there r lots of heat,oily,moist, insects, somehow these will attack wood right? but not on glass. But wooden doors can make it more air tight than glass doors. Glass doors need some gaps at all sides. BUt the gaps r small. & glass look more classic. BTW, tat day i happen to went to my friend carpenter shop nfound out from a foreman there that nowadays most or all custom make furniture r make of plywood. even it seems like it is a solid 25mm thick wood, it is make by plywoods, at the side of it ,it use a thin layer of wood skin(not sure whats the correct term) to paste over i, 7 than paint it so it will look like a solid wood. Think nowadays only teak or something else is really solid wood but will cost u a bomb BTW my 1st home & current hse kitchen door is a frameless glass sliding door. If it does not suit me, i would not hav it again for my 2nd home......
  6. I hav friends who do reno. they r good, but one of them now do more on commercials. If u wan i can pass u number from email or PM as dont wanna just disclose number like tat. My hse is DIY arrange by myself with the help of them too.
  7. think no matter it is logical or not, i think it will look funny in ur bathroom if u do tile till 2.4m while ur ceiling is 3.2m. unless it is ur balcony or those wet areas service balcony at kitchen than it is ok to do half. For toilet wise, i will ask them do all the way up. Is it, becos ur contractor did not see its 3.2m n than they already quote u the price? cos i knw tiler when do bathroom, they charge for standard price for HDB. but height is limited la. but ur case too high so they wanna charge but contractor cannot......... i not sure abt the rules of HDB for toilets, u chk with them is it ok to do up to 3.2m ?
  8. Ya this is the good one i mentioned eariler range from$400-500. those cheaper one of cos range from $120-250. but u will know the diff in time to come. & cheaper one can only use pvc or plastic which is not as class as glass. so if u opt for the cheaper one please do not use glass as it is heavy n will give u probelms in time to come.
  9. ya it is always better to hav a door at kitchen no matter u cook or not.(look nice even u seldom cook, unless uchose those ugly one lah ) LOL. And doors arent like our TV or HP which will spoil or outdated & need to change from time to time, think it is worth to invest on it & can protect those oily stuff flew towards your plasma or LCD right? Hood does not help much even u hav a good one, unless u use those for resturant, coffee shop system.........
  10. If u chose the same tile forkitchen& living hall, thanconfirmthey wont do a kerb. (see ENE pic) Actually, nowadays designers wont recomendkerb as it does not lookgd & serve no purpose for nowadays the way we wash our floor. (last time, people use to use lots of water........now we just mop it once)
  11. basically, when u approach any company, u must give them the correct size and height that u intend to do for them to give u a accurate quote. u must know what u want & when they quote u, r they quoteing u the same kind of hinges or system. cos this will ensure u to have a more accurate quote as not to compare the price of apple to durian.
  12. They r big glass co & the installer they use r not their owned employees.(2005 info, now not sure) they r paid based on how many shower screens n glass or mirror they install per day. they r very fast workers who can install a standard shower screen within 30mins while other glass co abt fastest 45min. they need to be fast & will try all means to fix it even hav small problem as they don't wish to waste another trip. some but not all of the installer use to remove the small spring inside the shower hinge for default free installing. this will make ur hinge stay working thoughout as it is already at that stage. i cant see the pic so dont really know how bad is the gap. but luckily they changed it for u. but from the wrote out, 841mm n 846mm , difference is only 5 mm, glass co wont cut it slant for u. but if u mention 15mm gap or 25mm gap, than confirm its the guy who came to take measurement at fault n installer just cant be bother or that time id need to hand over ur flat the next day so they just install.
  13. great explanation bro, nowadays, it is glue on one side only unless there is something they need to do tricks on it. as long as water does not come out from the glass becos of one sided silicon only it is gd as when time goes by, silicon sure will turn black. (just for laugh) some "A' installers did not even glue both sides for a glass that needs to hold another pc of glass dr. tat is dangerous. fix partition is ok but not those has a dr securing onto the fix glass.
  14. i believe ur this toilet does not has a conceal pipe right? brand 'A" or lots of people uses 'H" alumiuim to able them to fix the glass without opening the holes on that pc of glass. Or they just use different kind of size to play with just to enable their regular size to fit in. The glass cannot go all the way into it is due to many reasons. I can confirm thatthe glass is not 'undersize'. floor n wall cannot be 100 percent straight or level. glass need to adust n let it stand straight, so the gap r for glass to play with. meaning from top may be u see a 10mm gap, but below maybe 4mm only. actually for safty reason, glass cannot pushes all the way in too. the usual way is use a 20 by 20 by 20mm U alumimium for 10mm glass n 25mm for 12mm glass. they use 'H' alumimium will further more make it shaky. but reasure it is very safe. it wont came of as long as they uses the correct silicon n correct way to fix the alumimium. if u hav shower dr, it will bang onto the fix glass panel ofcos it will shake. no worries.