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  1. Arfan

    Question on vanity top

    I have seen some of my friend's homes with such sloped but its something that is custom and could be rather expensive too
  2. Arfan

    Toilet Renovation

    What is included in the renovation? What is the size of the toilet is Sqf?
  3. Arfan

    TV Console - Flip down or drawers

    TS end of the day which way did you decide to go with?
  4. Arfan

    Prepping flat for rental

    I would definately agree with this as well
  5. From what i know yes
  6. Arfan

    Relocating HDB maindoor

    TS actually don't mind me asking why do you want to relocate the entrance?
  7. Personally i would use a darker colour so that in the future when the grouts become dirty or stained it won't be too visible
  8. TS you have any pictures of how the holes look like?
  9. Can just use coloured silicone which i your case should be black
  10. Arfan

    Paint for bathroom partition board

    Its a kind of hardened plastic
  11. Arfan

    Birds Control

    You do only birds or other animals as well TS?
  12. Arfan

    Chemical Wash

    My contractor charged me only S$100 excluding the chemical, if plus the chemical he charges S$150 End of the day i went with a contractor from JB, charged me S$120 for the washing and chemical, did a good job, you can find the contractors usually around Jalan Harimau area in JB, they have a row of shops there You can find these guys doing these cleaning services on locanto/criagslist classifieds as well, they charge usually S$10/S$15/hr, its pretty common
  13. Arfan

    Floor Plan

    You got ask your agent?
  14. Arfan

    parquet floor maintenance

    Never knew this as i always thought only those unvarnished woods will shrink