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  1. hi Francish, may I check with you whether fan of vento fino is big enough? I am so into the design but hubby said this one might be a decoration not a real fan
  2. Hi, ZzzMonster, May I check with you where you get the vento fino fan and how much is the price? Also appreciated to have the storage room racks contractor dtls. Also would you pls PM me your ID contact dtls as I see their carpentry work not bad fm your photos. Thanks.
  3. that is very kind, because so far IDs I met told me that workers will quote separately if we want to install those things.
  4. Hi, we are looking for a good contractor who are good at carpentry to do some reno for our new 4 room flat. Jobs will mainly include: TV console / cabinet in the living room platforms in two common rooms labour to change / install some bathroom appliances Can anyone recommend one good contractor to me? Many thanks.
  5. Hi, may I know your ID contact details?

  6. Hi, may I ask if your ID contract install all these taobao stuff for you ? How they charge? lump sum or per item?