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  1. Interesting! Like the way you going for the smart home concept. My new place is also at the north! Hope the move from the west to the north is a good one. Haha
  2. Interesting to see the progress of a landed property build from scratch. I am sure a lot of planning goes into it.
  3. Saying Hi! to all those that has still been around since 2007/2008. Wow. It has been years since I posted in this forum.And much to my surprise, my old Reno t-blog chat is still around! Most of the photo's link is down and no more photos to be seen at that T-blog chat. Starting this new t-blog chat to document my process of planning, selecting an ID and the process of moving my home of 10 years in the Western part of Singapore to the Northern part of Singapore. Not going to reveal where is my new place exactly until much later.
  4. Long time no post!!! Ppl in this area please take note of that persistent uncle that KEEPS KNOCKING on the door to introduce his welding. This uncle looks dubious though I am quite sure that he will not do anything funny. His shoe even have a hole that can see the toe. There is no concrete proof that non welded gates are more breakable than welded gates. Does a thief go round the block and look for non welded gates? In our blocks, the design are such that there is not much of a blind spot. I am in the corner unit and yet when I open my gate, I can see lots of other unit's main gate. There is also the issue of warranty and claiming if there is tampering of the hinges. $80 for some simple welding that I could properly do better? Nah.
  5. Wah. You have patience. I gave up waiting for HDB rectification cos even after their "rectification" I am still not satisfied. I even told them that my company workers can do a better job than them. I am hoping to only stay at my present place for 5 years max. Looking for a new apartment....
  6. Yeah. There are several times those taxis use that to turn in! Accident prone!!!
  7. Anyone knows where to get jumbo piggy banks locally? http://banksbanksbanks.com/jumbo-piggy-bank-banks.html The above is an interesting site for BIG BIG piggy banks but so far, all the piggy banks locally are too small leeeeh...
  8. Is it only me that thinks the U turn they created for the road in front of us is a little tight?? I need to like be at the extreme left of the right lane and U turn to have a comfortable clearance to the kerb. I have seen many cars mounting kerbs u turning already....
  9. I am at lost. Why do people believe in Feng Shui? I am not discriminating against people who do, but are there reasons that compel you to do so? Are there really benefits in arranging your house in a certain way, buying/painting colors that should be YOUR color, putting things in places that should increase your wealth/luck/love, blocking things, hacking walls, etc. Are there any scientific backing to this? Please enlighten me. Do you believe in Feng Shui? If yes, why? If no, why not?!?! For starters, I am not a believer of Feng Shui. I do recall once when I was much younger, I will just simply walk away or not pay attention when people starts to talk or discuss about things that do not make sense to me (Religion, customs, Fengshui, etc etc). Now, I want to start to appreciate another part of life. The non scientific part.
  10. Simple and nice. But probably can upgrade your tv? Ur LCD computer monitor looks like the same size?
  11. Actually, for new couples buying the new AMK or Boon Keng flats, the prices there are crazy! $500K -$600K? OMG!