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  1. Does anyone know of any contractor who still supplies such PVC bifold toilet door for HDB? Thanks!
  2. Hi has anyone been able to locate any supplier for those hdb bifold door without TOP and bottom tracks? Thanks!
  3. There was this uncle who came aroudn the estate over the weekend asking if we want to change the hinges on our metal gates. He said the existing one is very easy to dismantled hence making our homes vulnerable to break-ins. Has any changed the gate hinges? Is it good?
  4. Oh the prefab toilet can hack one ah? I tot cannot hack so didn't hack mine. So stuck with the ugly tiles that HDB provided. :S
  5. this is good info for window films.. http://www.shieldshade.com/installation.html
  6. fwah you moved in already? I haven't. Still touching up some stuffs. I've got pics but too lazy to do any updating.
  7. I have a prob. I did built-in side tables for my MBR and the allowance left is for a queen size bed. However I tot of changing to king size bed but will need to alter the side table. And if i put a king size bed, 1 corner will be directly facing the door to the MBR. Is it advisable?
  8. erm did you have to seal up the 4 sides of the new swtich? How did you make it stay onto the wall without dropping down? :S
  9. Nice sofa!! I saw it at cellini and thought it's the best shape to compliment the slanted wall in my house (btw, mine is the corridor layout) but I dun have budget for this sofa.
  10. applefreak: Yup, I pasted the frosted film so that nobody can peep into my house. No choice la...mine's a corridor unit. Helenteepl: I got the info from another thread in renotalk. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?sh...c=11796&hl= It's actually quite easy except you really need to have steady hands to cut the films. Let me know if you need help. FYI, the frosted film is quite cheap. I bought 4.5metres at $24 + a squeegee $2. This is enough for the corridor windows and kithen windows with excess to cater for another 2 panels if there's any mistake made during the 1st few tries.
  11. Haven't been updating for a long long time...so far....the parquet problme has been resolved. And reno works are on going. Here's a little update of what I did to my corridor and kitchen windows over the weekend. DIY-ed by me and hubby. Corridor windows: Kichen Windows:
  12. hehe...can i go visit your house?
  13. Wah seh.. your reno is so uber fast and your moving in also fast! I was driving past our block this evening and saw the lights were on at 16th, 15th, 13th and a few more of your column of units.. only mine still dark.
  14. yup, it's the batch of premium flats at JW st 64.