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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to cut down on carpentry works to save some costs, so was thinking of buying a desk (maybe custom-made) instead of having it built in. Could anyone share their decision on why they decided to go for either? My thoughts are that: For built-in can do the floating desk and have everything fit nicely but you're paying more for installation. For custom made, I suppose the dimensions cannot be too exact since you need to shove it into the corner. Advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Was thinking about this too, one of my neighbours did an anti-slip coating over HDB's bathroom and kitchen tiles. After some research, i think pros are that (1) it's cheaper than overlaying on top of existing tiles, and (2) you won't face the issue of the tiles popping out due to the water seepage or the tiles beneath buckling (if they're older than the tiles on top). Cons are that the coating/paint will wear off over time and you would have to touch up. If anyone has quotes for that would be interested!
  3. Hi guys, my friend just did some kitchen upgrading works, and they engaged a post-reno cleaning through Helpling (which is kinda like an Uber for home cleaning services). She was v happy cos it was pretty last minute just before CNY and the place got really cleaned up. Can pay online by credit card (earn points lol) plus they only charge AFTER the cleaning is completed. I'm planning to use them after my place is done, think the contractor will do cleaning but heard that it's still dusty after that...
  4. Was looking at both too... iQuartz is durable and looks nice (uniform, lots of colours) but the problem is that it cannot take heat. Like i went to my friend's place and she had to run around making sure no one set hot objects on her quartz countertop in case it cracks or warps. Plus UV light would discolour it so need to keep away from direct sunlight. My friend just got the Kompacplus top and apparently it is resistant to heat and fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmRZK_KhtgQ. But i still wouldn't put a hot pan on it cos the specs say that extreme heat will damage it: But i guess it comes down to aesthetics vs ease of care. Any other views?
  5. Hi! That was my dilemma too. I wanted an open kitchen but my husband totally hates the kitchen smells escaping. So we compromised by having a wet and dry kitchen. So the cooking part is walled off but the baking part is with the living room which will be air-conditioned. Then I can get my marble island too
  6. Hi guys! Just collected keys for my BTO... Always wanted one of those vertical gardens covering a wall like the one attached (but smaller). Anyone has experience with this, and how hard is it to set up and upkeep? Thanks in advance!