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  1. Hi, I haven't dropped by in awhile, but glad to see that your reno is coming along very nicely! Love how the wardrobe looks especially! So sleek and classy
  2. I am also having headaches about my toilet's grouting. I had some gaps, and my ID came by to patch it up with cement powder (mixed with water). But the cement powder is white, while the rest of my grout was beige. So yeah... different grout colour now. You mentioned the living room tile had cardboard stain. Was it on the grout or the tile itself?
  3. Waaaaah. Nice bold choice of colors. Actually I really like Puritan Black leh! Although maybe it looks slightly different irl. But in the pics I like it! Bold of you to paint the ceiling different colours too, but I think it'll turn out nicely. I stuck to white as usual because I wanted to keep the space looking bigger but downside is that it looks plainer lor. Ebony blue is also v nice!!
  4. Thanks to your gf! Nope the sofa is a 2 seater, can seat 2 quite comfortably. It's 1.21m It's a overgrown toy poodle, lol! It's more like a mini poodle instead. I like the green too although at first I was afraid it would be too jarring cos I don't have that green anywhere else. Haha you'll get there, maybe in a month or two? not too far away!
  5. Since the uneven color is because the tiler filled up the gaps with cement but not grouting powder, can't he do another touch up by using the grouting powder? Instead of re-grouting the whole floor. Or do they need to mix the cement and the powder before touching up the gaps? Very lazy of them if they just applied cement alone the first time around -_- Grout shield goes on top of the grout (cement/powder). It acts like a sealant. Pros is that it doesn't look like cement, doesn't turn dark when it's wet, hence looks cleaner.
  6. The past few weeks have been spent organizing the place and assembling furniture. I think we're 98% done. I have a small study area in the MBR. Glad that my MBR is on the larger side (for a 3 room layout) and I have space for a small desk! A month after moving in, I finally got a sofa! Came across a nice seafoam green one by accident and thought it adds colour to my white/grey/wood place. Dressed it up with cushions from TB. Dog not included! Got some decals from TB, just for fun. I think they're quite cute... When I have the time, I would like to share what were my best reno decisions and what were my least fav decisions in my context, which is a 3 room flat that's limited on space. Hopefully I get around to that
  7. I love the hexagon cabinets too, a very unique touch. Some space will def be wasted, but make the hexagons not too big and I think it's a good tradeoff! It's not my place to say this but... if you're paying for the flat and the reno, you really should do what you like. That's just my opinion... I know everyone has different circumstances. Kompacplus has been used by many of my friends and they don't have any complaints at all. I'm using quartz and I feel like it does stain a little. But can be wiped off with CIF and a cloth (so far). I think 55 inch is good enough for 3 room flat. I'm living in 3 room too.
  8. I completely understand how you feel and the emotional/physical exhaustion that you must be going through. Towards the end of reno, you get so tired of it and you just want it to end, even overlooking some imperfect areas because you don't want things to drag on forever. My toilet grouting is a big issue too. I am looking to regrout and apply a layer of grout shield on it. If your grout color being uneven is the only concern, you can consider grout shield as well. Can choose from many colors and it supposedly keeps the grout looking clean. Hang in there... you'll get there eventually. Bit by bit.
  9. @Diluted shipped to my address via DHL @Blade07 i chose the one for 200mm wide cabinet. Works well, especially once the heavy condiments are in
  10. Thank you! My total reno cost was around $20k, excluding all furniture and appliances.
  11. Yeah! Definitely worth it to go across especially if you're buying a few fans. Maybe 3 or more?
  12. I tried looking for some tables that are 120cm extendable but wasn't able to find any in that walnut color. Maybe you can check out Comfort Furniture if you haven't? I remember they had some 120cm extendable tables. But nothing smaller than 120cm white isn't too bad I think, the IKEA table comes with acrylic lacquer and it feels quite resistant to stains and water (to me) Hahaha I see Mike mentioned a lot on HWZ (not the tb thread). Lazada shipping had no problems for me, but I only shipped smaller items with them
  13. Hehe thanks, your comments made me happy. Yeah my dining table is from IKEA. Walnut is dark wood yeah? The brown-black may suit your place more, I think. All my purchases from tb were either via ezbuy or lazada direct shipping from tb. Big items were via ezbuy prime. I know that forwader you mentioned, Mike right? Should be fine, lots of people have used them don't worry!
  14. Thanks for the compliments! Vento fino 2 fan is really strong for the kitchen, but it is really quite low (bad for tall people), which can be dangerous if it's fixed in a high traffic area and the family members are tall. You can probably touch it if you raise your arms. I got it for around SGD $200 or less in msia, excluding GST on SG side
  15. Your MBR looks super cosy esp now with the mattress and blinds in. Quite unusual that the curtains vendor would get upset that you guys approached others for quote though. That's completely normal behavior. And the living room blinds do an awesome job of hiding the aircon trunking! Almost can pretend its not there anymore, hahaha
  16. Some updates of the finishing touches to the house. The last few days before moving in was spent on rectifications, installing the glass at the kitchen (we prefer closed concept) and receiving some essential furniture like bed frames and mattresses. Also had the bomb shelter racks fixed up so that we can store things properly. Kitchen half glass panel + swing door up The non-ABS edges were touched up with carpentry paint, which helps a lot because the black lines at the edges were an eyesore L-shape bomb shelter racks installed. Opted for one without center pole for easier access, 4 plywood shelves. Height was increased to 2130mm FOC. Sealy mattress and bed frame delivered. Honestly a mattress wasn't on my buying list until the last few weeks when I saw the Robinsons bedshop sale. I was hoping to save some money by reusing my current mattress. But the moment I laid down on the new one, I thought "ok worth it lol" Simple wooden bed frame + hipvan mattress for the common room. The hipvan mattress is pretty good actually. Surprisingly good. And they have a 100 day refund period for all mattresses so I wasn't worried. Extendable dining table assembled. So glad that in the end I went for a 90cm table (when not extended) because it's enough for us most of the time, doesn't take up too much space in the tiny house, and we still can extend it to 130/160cm when needed for guests. Random pics of my purchases around the house coming up.... Xiaomi AP2 with green filter to get rid of the toxic fumes from all the carpentry Random Amazon stuff arrived, mostly kitchen items I really like the compact simplehuman dish rack. Not too bulky, fits my space well and can dry lots of things Wall clock from TB, quality is good Yeelight bedside lamp, small digital clock and tissue paper holder all from TB. I didn't really like hue lights before but now after having it I find it soothing to look at, especially in the dark. All the different relaxing colours you can choose from according to your mood That's it for now. Just a small section of my purchases. My experience with TB is hit and miss. I think I'm satisfied 60 to 70% of the time, which isn't that bad, I suppose? I did waste some money on things that were just not very good though, like a bedside table that stunk and was impossible to assemble. Oh well. Back to unpacking!
  17. Not really a Bosch fan per se but I prefer to get everything in the same brand! Just a personal preference thing Hi ironut kk Update: I have moved in officially on 13 August! No updates so far because last min packing and the subsequent unpacking and cleaning is too exhausting. Unpacking is still ongoing, as well as receiving some final TB shipments. Hopefully everything can be finished in the next week or two. But so far, I really love living at the new place!
  18. I like the black stone sink in particular! And I see you didn't decide to go with TB granite sink in the end Are you planning on expanding the kitchen? I see that you bought 'standard' size kitchen appliances. I could hardly fit my 60cm hood, hob and sink in the kitchen and still have enough counter top space hopefully you'll have a lot more!
  19. Yay! So happy for you that your keys are finally here. Awesome high floor and view of the pool! Very good location also nice that you didn't have many defects at all! But like you mentioned, the kitchen looks tiny, tinier than mine >< also, the layout of the MBR toilet means that your shower area will be quite small, correct? Looking forward to your reno blog starting officially!
  20. Things have been progressing well. Towards the last stretch now. Few things happened today: Curtains and roller blinds installed Gas turned on Kitchen tap installed Fridge delivered Washing machine delivered Grey roller blinds for the living room. Initially wanted venetian blinds but didn't like the thought of cleaning it I also like that the grey suits the accent wall Navy blue curtains for the MBR. Blue is my favorite color Light brown curtains for the common bedroom. I think this color looks good with the wall! Gas turned on and gas hob is connected. My mini 60cm hob. I think this was a great choice because my kitchen is so small. I love it! Stainless steel tap installed. Bought it together with my TB sink but now it's matched with the Kraus Washing machine. I requested for the delivery guy to help with installation and they did! Heard that we need an adaptor to connect to the tap in the service yard. Test wash done House is still pending some glass work (for the kitchen) and rectifications here and there, then we can move in
  21. Quite a few IDs these days don't charge extra (officially) for design, so they usually limit the drawings to 2-3 3D perspectives. But since you paid extra for their design service, it's expected that they give you all the drawings you want. Really helps in visualizing though!
  22. Thanks for buying ah actually I didn't go with Nippon paint in the end... went with Dulux colours instead because I prefer their selection. But I do have a friend who used Abracadabra (left wall in the pic) Right! I didn't buy from Amazon US cos they refused to waive shipping. Too expensive with shipping. But Prime Day there was a deal on Amazon CN and even with shipping from ezbuy forwarder, the total cost was around $300, cheaper than Amazon US before shipping. You can still consider getting from Amazon CN: https://www.amazon.cn/家居装修/dp/B002YWSB6C Shipping from ezbuy Ship For Me cost me around $88 sgd
  23. Here! https://world.taobao.com/item/538935399549.htm (there seems to be some error on the product page now though...)