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  1. hi there... i used to stay in the same designed unit over at st 32
  2. got ours from a diy shop. can also try howards, theres a branch at parkway.
  3. guys, remember if you have full height wardrobe in ur bedrooms, to factor in the available ceiling space with opened cabinet doors while choosing blade lengths... just a tip
  4. thx for putting this up, explains why there are stains on my homo tiles flooring of premium hdb unit. especially bad at the foyer area which has higher traffic volume, i can actually make out a footprint outline! anyway experience made me an over-zealous mopper now...
  5. i did a double take, check out my tv feature wall... hehe.
  6. i think i get his idea... downlights along the perimeter of the living room. two ceiling lights at the ends of the room with the ceiling fan w/light kit in between... should be bright enough, can challenge the stadium's flood lights, hehehe just kidding! good luck for your exams!
  7. erm its yellow-ish... hehe! our unit comes with the lower grilles, so we just told id to match same colour with our chosen design for the upper grilles.
  8. i have 08pcs t5 cove lights, 10pcs down lights as well as a ceiling fan at my living room... basically if i switch on the fan wont switch on the cove lights. 5pcs alternate downlights were bright enough for my 4rm flat living room area, not too sure obt urs tho
  9. ive been to the block before, lotsa jumbo flats right i think its really cool. ure really lucky to catch this "gem". glass shower screens did shatter without "provocation" as highlighted in the papers few years back right? but its a really rare case. the study room windows open up to a bought recess area right? br3 would be great for your future kids due to the proximity to your room. both sets of parents living together? wow, salute you guys! oh another thing... if you know what you want, can consider taking up contractor rather than ID to reduce costs. coz ure paying "premium" for the latter.
  10. wow... great space for great price! just the two of you living at this house? i would have loved merging the two original kitchen for a super huge dining area to accommodate gatherings. the study would have a wiw and mini office with bedroom 2 as the mbr, so need to create access to toilet... i see the toilets were already merged, 4 toilets became 2. haha wishful thinking for me! hapimint, in my humble opinion, 20k seems quite limited budget... i juz did a premium flat with initial 20k budget too but totally blew it! can share what you intend to do up?
  11. hi mel... its actually metallic bronze textured laminate.
  12. i used hettich soft closing system for drawers... we paid $650 for 7 big 2 small drawers... hope this helps. applefreak - any photos for your blum drawers, we used hettich coz it was more affordable... but blum was our first choice!
  13. haha i know how it feels... i just calculated our spendings to date, didnt realise we've coughed up so much amount in cash! kinda amazed we managed to have that much yet spend it all in a short time
  14. auspicious? no lah, more like convenient hehe. handover should be next friday, i hvnt even packed stuff from current bedroom over at my parents... lets say at most should be by end may... even then itll be an empty house, no furniture now u know why im dilly dallying hehe.