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  1. I agree with this post. Had so much troubles using Crestar. I thought they are established and had good reviews but Crestar ceiling fans cause a lot of issues and is expensive.
  2. I recently go down to Crestar showroom and see that they are with Spin. I have replaced my remote control many times as they drain the battery in 3days or spoil shortly after 1 year. I also see other customers face the same issue when I go to buy a new remote. Each remote cost $35 and the other repairs add up. I can buy a standing fan every year la! I am very upset as I see good reviews online would justify the high prices but the quality is so bad. I just want to see if others encounter the same issue with Crestar and Spin.
  3. Cannot say about Haiku but look very chio. Spin is very lousy, very noisy and keep charging for the repairs. I add the cost, should have just bought a haiku.
  4. I have Crestar fan and the quality is horrible. Expensive and have to repair every year, which they charge so much. My remote spoil, capacitor spoil, everything also spoil.