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  1. Hardwood definitely look nicer. But the price is very high
  2. I searched on the website for many wooden door suppliers that supply fire rated door. After looking at the HDB website, it seems that you need to apply for a HDB permit when you change your fire rated door if not you may incur a fine. So please do not buy fire rated door from the cheapest source. You can read the link before for the HDB rules and regulation http://www.hdb.gov.sg/cs/infoweb/residential/living-in-an-hdb-flat/renovation/guidelines/building-works In Singapore, usually wooden door suppliers do not have HDB permit hence they cannot apply for HDB permit as required by HDB. Wooden door supplier like yong fang and siong door told me HDB permit is not required. But HDB website clearly said HDB permit is required. Siong door has the cheapest fire rated door but it does not comes with a HDB permit. I did not want to take the risk as HDB website said you can incur up to $5000 if you do so. Finally, I found a HDB registered contractor who sold fire rated door that comes with HDB permit. They had their own factory at Singapore. Ho Ho Engineering and Renovation Works I got my laminated fire rated door from Ho Ho and it is installed already. Very good quality and I received the HDB permit as promised by Ho Ho in my mailbox about two weeks after installation. Their staff exactly send me a soft copy of the HDB permit before the installation. Ho Ho provide a one-stop service, they supply the door together with the measurement and installation service. The lead time for the fire rated door is around 2 to 3 week for my case hence before make your buying decision early. I hope to remind my fellow homeowner and warn you not to buy from the cheapest source as you may encounter problem when you sell the door as HDB state that you will be required to reinstate the house in original condition if you do anything that is not approved by HDB. Ho Ho has a very informative website that tell you all about the HDB regulation on fire rated door. They reference to HDB website and when I call the HDB officer to check. Whatever they said it confirmed by the officer. Here is the link to refer to before you buy your fire rated door. They have quite a wide range at different price point. I went to their showroom and factory at 51 Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace. Their factory is not located in a convenient location but if you drive like me, it is fine. When I went there on a Saturday, I saw a few group of customers there. One auntie actually complaint walking 15 mins from the nearest bus stop. So if you do not drive, you may want to take a taxi in. https://www.hohodoorsingapore.com/fire-rated-door-singapore
  3. My advice is not to buy anything above SGD 200 on tao bao as you cannot see the items before you pay. And you cannot ask for a refund if the product does not look the same
  4. Better to do it yourself. ID very ex. You can source for door and flooring yourself.
  5. In Singapore, weather so hot. Aircon in living room is a good investment. Esp good for there is guest coming over and when there is haze
  6. Love the brand. Too much, their furniture quite limited
  7. You must shop in furniture mall. Alot of stores there.
  8. I have bad experience with vinyl. Better to stick with traditional tiles. Even though it may be more expensive.
  9. Looks very good. Where do you buy them?