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  1. Hello! I like your cement screed toilet too! Did you do it for the entire MBR toilet, or just the walls?
  2. Oooh! Cement screed flooring! I like. Thinking of doing the same flooring for my entire house (barring the bathrooms). How's the maintenance like? And do you have a contact for the flooring? I've heard that most IDs/contractors aren't very familiar with this type of flooring...
  3. Hi, also looking to get Ho Bee to do my renovation (aiming end of this year--yup, very the in advance...) could I have Patrick's contact, too? Thanks!
  4. Hey hey ivy, which block are you staying at? Your layout looks nice =)
  5. My sink is over the chute (we didn't reno our kitchen, it was left by the previous owner), and it's really hard to throw stuff in, especially the bending over part. Plus, the smell doesn't get to escape, so it gets a bit funky-smelling after a while.
  6. Hi! Nice home you've got there--I like the country style, though I can't really do that for my own home (knick-knacks + hyperactive kitties = disaster). I was wondering if you could share your carpenter's contact? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I was thinking of going for an industrial-themed MBR, and I really like the look of cement screed walls and flooring. However, I was wondering if that would be advisable, as everywhere I've looked, I've only seen one instance of that idea. Anyone has any advice on this? Thanks in advance! BTW I'll also be knocking down the wall between my MBR and my bathroom, and replacing it with a glass wall.
  8. I'm also going to hack my bathroom wall and replace it with glass, but that is because the bathroom looks small and claustrophobic. As for the matter of privacy, can either place those frosted effect strips at the strategic heights, or else just lock the MBR door lor !