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  1. I bought a KDK standing fan today. Was looking at tower fans but the salesgirl told me they are not as easy to clean/maintain
  2. My Vhive Computer Tables just arrived today hopefully nothing will go wrong with em'
  3. Very informative thread and for us the answer is basically whatever that is hard to maintain for the long run.
  4. Hi Ashes. We paid more but for slightly different items. Just wanted to alert you to keep a watchful eye on the Cellini delivery for damaged items when they come.
  5. Hi Pinkpetter: Buy also you use, don't buy also you use. Not predicting anyone else to put up tent (figuratively speaking) at the space near to your door/side of corridor right? Perhaps we can save some money during this economic downturn unless budget is of no concern. I am not really for the move because I am reminded of someone who once mentioned "why buy the recess area only to install more grilles to "cage" ourselves" - in which I find it to make some sense. A house should thus be open and airy wherever permissible.
  6. Good place to check out but not necessarily the cheap buys there. Service is only average from our three visits there
  7. We used fourseasons last week for a high-tea reception. The food is only average but passable.
  8. Depends on: 1. Budget 2. Intended Length of Stay 3. Existing House Condition 4. Fussiness of Owner For tiling works, built-in furniture, piping and electrical works etc you should do them before moving in (if at all). Otherwise it will be a hassle once you are already living in the house.
  9. Scientifically should be okay to keep, but for peace of mind and hygiene, I think it is still best to change them if one can afford to, since you might be spending a loong time there