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  1. Lydia18

    A Highly Recommend Carpentry Factory

    That's nice. Good to know you managed to get a great carpenter for a really good price.. If anyone else is looking for a carpenter for home renovations, here's a checklist for you to go through before settling for that carpenter: https://www.goldpines.com.sg/choosing-carpenters-checklist/
  2. Lydia18

    Bathroom Remodel Ideas

    Not too sure about the bathtub and bathroom trends..but would you be interested in incorporating marble in your bathroom though? The most common bathroom material choices are often marble or tiles though. Check out here for a better understanding: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/bathroom-walls-marble-or-tile/
  3. Lydia18

    Kitchen Counter Top Replacement

    Stone Amperor offers really good countertop replacement services..and here are few reasons that makes them great: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/kitchen-countertop-replacement/ Check out their website: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/
  4. Lydia18

    Lowest Carpentry & Contractor Found

    Uhm...it does not necessarily mean cheapest = the best.. Consider the quality of work you will be getting from mentioned carpenter...as sometimes the more expensive carpenter is cheaper than the cheaper alternative. See here for more info: https://www.goldpines.com.sg/choosing-carpenters-checklist/
  5. Lydia18

    Blanco Kitchen Sink

    Maybe you'd like to try integrated sink instead? As it looks more seamless..easy to install and maintain. Visit here for more info: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/what-is-integrated-sink/
  6. Lydia18


    Heyy mate! Maybe that old sofa can still be put to good use.. It may be old but you still can "do things to it" to make it look new again. Look here for more info: https://www.goldpines.com.sg/renew-old-sofas/
  7. Lydia18

    minimalist concept

    Found one that may interest you: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/minimalist-design-for-the-singaporean-kitchen/ I know you want ideas for the living room, but the idea still stands: 1. Use plenty of whites 2. Remove anything you don't use or need in the living room 3. Having a small living room space means more so for you to have a minimalist living room. Hope those helped.
  8. Lydia18

    Renovation Ideas

    A quick rundown of a checklist when you are renovating your kitchen. Hope this helps: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/the-definitive-kitchen-guide-2018/
  9. Lydia18

    Tiles for feature wall

    I understand you asked for tiles for feature walls. Maybe you want to consider marble wall for your wall ideas instead? Since marble comes in tile forms too. Have a look here, maybe it'll change your mind about it: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/marble-feature-wall-ideas/
  10. Lydia18

    Quartz Countertop

    Reasons to chose quartz for countertops? I can think of a few reasons, actually: 1. engineered to meet your needs. A kitchen countertop is typically exposed to stains from food and drink. Quartz is an engineered stone designed to combine the best characteristics of synthetic materials and natural stone. 2. Almost heat-resistant. Engineered quartz countertops are designed to specifically address the issues that plague natural stone and other synthetic materials in a kitchen environment. Placing a trivet or hotpad in between a Quartz surface and hot object is more than enough to stop it from getting damaged. To find out more about having a quartz countertop, click here to learn more: https://www.ampquartz.com/quartz-countertops-good-choice/
  11. Lydia18

    Lowest Carpentry & Contractor Found

    Yo, mate! Not wishing to dampen your spirits when you said you found a carpenter who offers cheap rate. Remember that its about the carpenter's quality and not its affordable charges. Cheap charges =/= quality work... Sometimes that expensive carpenter may be a cheaper option with his "oh-so-expensive" initial charges. Think long term, my friend. If it helps for any, here is a checklist you should go through before hiring that carpenter: https://www.goldpines.com.sg/choosing-carpenters-checklist/
  12. Lydia18

    Types Of Kitchen Sinks

    If it may interest you, maybe try out integrated sinks? It has seamless and design and looks irresistible. 1. Its low-maintenance..as in its a one-piece design with no crevices and such. That means no dirt or foreign objects will be caught in its holes since there are none anyway... 2. Easy to install. It comes in one entire piece with your countertop. So...it gets completed and sent to you in a short time. 3. Stylish design. Not just stylish but looks like its up-to-date with modern design. Give it a go. Maybe you'd like it. https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/what-is-integrated-sink/
  13. You know what's my favourite design for the home? Scandinavian design. I find it aesthetically pleasing and clean to look at. It may not be as "clean" as minimalism but has its beauty. Look here: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/scandinavian-singaporean-kitchen/
  14. The minimalist designs are great! If anyone else wants to know more about minimalist designs, here you go: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/kitchen-design-trends-working-professionals-2018/ and here https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/minimalist-design-for-the-singaporean-kitchen/ I understand its about having minimalist kitchen designs. But it does help for those who has a small kitchen and cannot afford to have all that glitzy design and storage. Hope it helps!
  15. I may not be able to recommend a contractor, but I can suggest ways you can have a nice kitchen under budget. You may like minimalist ideas as it can fit easily into your income level. Note that minimalism does not mean you have to spend a huge chunk of money just to look minimalist. Here are ways you can have a minimalist kitchen. 1. Use white. Almost every minimalist kitchen uses white paint. It's an easy and pure colour. Even if you feel white is not practical or is "too white", you can always add a bit of colour splash. That colour splash gives your kitchen some personality. 2. Stick to just the necessary items for your kitchen. You don't want to overspend on items that you don't need for your kitchen do you. Also, weed out those unnecessary "kitchen wares". 3. Smart storage. Utilise your storage spaces to the max by using dividers in your cabinets and drawers. Sometimes, simply placing your jars, pots and other utensils around the kitchen takes up more space than you expect. Hope those help. If you want to find out more about having a minimalism kitchen, click here to find out more: https://www.stoneamperor.com.sg/kitchen-design-trends-working-professionals-2018/