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  1. There is one kind of fashion. He is called - wear what is comfortable. This fashion has always been popular and will remain fashionable for a very long time.
  2. Find a work! Nowadays you can just work at home using internet
  3. Recently, I really like riding a bike. I was so inspired by the ride that I think to go to cycling in Europe between the countries
  4. I don’t know for sure, but I can say that I don’t understand how people go into power lifting. For me it is very dangerous for health.
  5. Hello! The most important advice that has already been in this discussion is to spend more calories than getting them! Personally, I do this - Monday and Wednesday I go to the gym after work. On Saturdays, I do strength exercises on these simulators https://askyourfitnessquesques.com/rowing-machine-brands-sunny-health-fitness-vs-stamina-vs-concept2. Once every 2 weeks I sit on a three-day spinach diet. It helps me keep fit.
  6. Thanks for warning! I am just looking for a shipping company and I don’t want to run into scammers
  7. I would like to know about conditions in Canada and the northern regions in the States
  8. Can you post this screenshots again ? It looks like your links are brocken.
  9. It depends on which state you paid for the services. Although I can say that I paid just the same amount. So I think it is nomral.
  10. Hi Taylor! Congratulations to you and the guy with the move and the beginning of living together. I understand your difficulties. I, too, was 19 years old who is studying in college and working to make a living for himself. If you are still in search of furniture - I would advise you to look at this site . My husband and I bought furniture in the kitchen. They sell luxury furniture, but their plus is that they often have big discounts.