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  1. I think that the prices are too high and this company wont do a good job. I want to find someone else.
  2. Hi. I don't think you can move the phone yourself. Although even if you do succeed, how do you connect it? I think that this work is better left to professionals.
  3. Hello. I would like to buy an iPhone 6, but I did not know that there is an iPhone 6s, 6S+. How do they differ? I just don't know much about iPhone models. With Android easier. There, each model has one view. And if it breaks, then I know in what repairs it needs to be carried. To be honest, I only buy an iPhone because they said so at work. I'm a bit away from the topic. So what I'm most interested in is how much does this phone cost? Next, if it breaks I can bring it here reinforcebrand.com ? I just used to fix my Android there. Or will I need to go to special repair services for iPhones?
  4. Well I have a firm in mind when I wanted to move to Singapore two years ago. I wanted to move there permanently. I had a problem with my visa. I went to various firms, but I was constantly rejected. Then I met a guy on the Internet, and he turned out to be a resident of Singapore. I began to communicate with him very often. This guy helped me solve the problem with the move. He sent me here https://applyforprsingapore.com/ and this company helped me get a visa. That is, I didn't pay anything extra, everything was done according to the instructions.
  5. Wow. It looks very cool. You can tell us more about this. I just want to buy my mother-in-law a good gadget. She's just very picky and very difficult to please. In this regard, I want to ask a couple of questions about this. First I would like to know how long this gadget will live. Second, how strong is he? That is, if it falls, will it remain intact? And the last thing, if it breaks, where do I fix it? It's just that only Repair Xpress fits for my phone, because only they have all the necessary parts for my phone. But if the phone you're talking about breaks down, where do I carry it to fix it?
  6. I see the point in your question. And i actually agree, that it ain't not that nice actually, i mean you pay them for the job they do, and after that they get to promote themselves without paying a single penny. Yeah, it is really not that good from our point of view. Or at least i have that opinion. And let's be honest, i am paying you to do your job, and then you want me to do something for you in ''exchange'' without me getting anything from it? Not that ''nice'' you know. You want some kind of a service from me, than pay me just like i did! Just like an instagram page asked me to promote their second page called buy instagram likes folowers worldwide, after they worked up on the seo on my website.
  7. Everything looks pretty interesting and I am wondering if you organize exhibitions because I would be very interested to visit it. My father was importing in our country led products from China and it was going pretty well. But now I want to do the same but with another products, because A/C products are more active on the market than leds. So I will be glad to visit China, otherwise I will send one of my workers that finished https://www.hvacschools411.com/hvac-careers/wind-turbine-technician/, so he will check everything there and make a shoplist.
  8. We spoke at the beginning about how wearing matching underwear can bring about a variety of emotions. Firstly a personalized gift that has required some thought outside of the usual items will always be received with happiness. Your partner will love the fact that you have put some effort into choosing a present for them and no matter what the cost it will then always feel more personal to them and will be something that they value. For this I advise you with confidence https://matchinggear.com
  9. Two years ago, I restored my house in Goa, India. All the work cost me $5,000, but now my house looks like a mansion. The only problem I have is the processing of all documents. I had to contact a government company https://hrex.org/mahabhulekh-online-land-records for registration of all documents, since I don't know the local language and I only come here in winter. I was very surprised by the price tag for a complete renovation of the house, since in my hometown this amount would be ten times higher. Because of the poverty in the country, people still live there and work for pennies, unfortunately, but the country itself is beautiful and the people in it are very good-natured.
  10. Betting with eth is a good thing. I used to bet with bitcoin. When I made a lot of profit, I sold the bitcoin and invested those money in something really interesting (I am not going to say in what, it is a secret). There are a lot of awesome online casinos like this one https://playincasino.online which you can use to bet with eth and other crypto currency. I used it to bet with bitcoin. Everything was ok, never had a problem or a delay. I could withdraw everything and oh boy it was really easy to do it.
  11. Wardrobe sliding doors is not a big problem I think that can't be handled. Maybe check by google or YouTube videos? When it comes something to do in our house we first try with my husband to do by ourselves. We do many things together, and I try to support him. When we have a new case or need some opinions and guidance we use https://guides4homeowners.co.uk and know how to fix something in our shower, or even outside the house many topics are available, very interesting and helpful! There are hundreds of articles and I think your case is available there also!