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  1. possible but i tink its too much hassle to replace. cuz its just a 10cm scratch and not really visible unless i sit down infront of it. trying to see if he can get the glass ppl to polish and buff it instead. shld be more cost efficient.. anyone polish before? not sure if its ex.. need to know market price..next time can make use of the service myself if along the way it gets too many scratches..
  2. i have no idea .. more support?cuz they gave me 1 hydraulic initially? anyway, they've fix the hydraulic to 2x8KG instead of 1x15KG. I have to admit i need to use more strength to open as well as close it now. but still i prefer to have redundancy in case one is faulty still got 1 to tahan. if i only have 1, means if one punctured, it wouldnt stay open at all.
  3. oh no! in btw renovation no idea when it happened, i found a 10cm scratch on my clear sliding glass door while doing cleaning. It can be felt very obvious with the fingers. the flat not handover to me yet.. Anyone noe how to resolve tis prob? can polish or not?? i duno who scratch it...sigh.. any problem with the scratch over time?
  4. Think everyone has different expectations.. some are willing to dig deeper into pockets for better designs firms or better worksmanship.. For me: 1. budget most impt. altho i wont go for cheapest... 2. comfort level in communication with ur ID/contractor 3. trustworthy ( no hidden costs and got some good,reliable working portfolio. ) 4. worksmanship design not so impt to us as we are not looking at designer type of houses. just simple designs or frm magazine tear-outs.
  5. can try to do a swivel tv feature if ur budget permits and just swap the location of tv and sofa. but u can only watch tv at one location. either sofa area or dining area.
  6. have u tried other ID/contractors before for the same requirements? either they dun want to do for u, quote ex-ex.. or they trying to chop u. c Supply labour only to install self purchased Storage heater (1nos.) $350.00 d Supply labour only to install self purchased Bathrooms accessories to $350.00 the man-effort markup very high. must be highly paid workers.
  7. Me trying to find some ideas to make the unattractive HDB door look nicer and doesnt cost too much. Replacing the whole door is too ex for now. would be good if got some pics? hee..
  8. mb my tiles are old design thats why they gave me. outside cannot find liao. how i wish i can get more though. i think the price for tiles is ard there.. but i tot normally ceramic tiles ard $2.80 or $2.50.... u bought many pcs?
  9. i also tinkin abt it too but never mind lah 1 shld be enuf. at most only use 1 at a time mah hee.. considerin but hor kinda ex leh i tink take up space also. cannot fold and keep rite? this is one of my worry abt the ceiling. or rather the hook problem. okok will take note thanks for the advice!
  10. haha.. okok last question abit stupid. so the new hDB walls ceiling are tough enuf? hope it doesnt crack easily. my walls are already cracking less than 1 year after HDB patched for me.
  11. must plan early early thinkin of getting my ID to install one for me in case need.. wonder if anyone doing this for ur new house now? wonder if new HDB's ceiling can sustain the weight of babies?
  12. oh! i replied u in another thread u created. i can't comment on the quality yet cuz only just bought n mounted up. Havent really use it at all. Of all the sinks i saw this looks best to me.
  13. Did they tell u it was from Germany? i bought one from Hoe Kee too. but havent use. so can't really comment.
  14. is it the first?? haha.. he says it is okie wor.. my ID told me that my doors very small no need 2 hydraulic can open. if 2 hydraulic difficult to open. the hydraulic label says 10KG. means what? i only realise sometimes when i lift open the door very fast it has a swishing sound and jerky feel. is that the problem with one hydraulic?
  15. ya looks weird. i gonna ask him to fix it to 2 hydralic.
  16. my ID say copper currently more ex than stainless steel. anyway, i duno why my stainless steel pipe got copper connectors..??!?! have not asked my ID..
  17. anyone knows where i can find rental for such mini bus? can pass me the contacts??
  18. i manage to get some free tiles from my technical officer. he's a nice person. but contractor never give me what I asked. oni some..told me will give but in the end only afew.hee but its good! better than none
  19. no idea leh.. mb will ask my bf go check it out again and let me know if it is still one side only. does hydraulic seem difficult to open? mine is kinda dificult to ligt up (requires some energy) and slams down very fast when i push it down slightly to close. find its not really good leh. either this hydraulic got problem or i should train my arms to be stronger?
  20. thanks for the advice! i have asked my ID if can fix it or not cuz seem rather filmsy. shall see how he fix it.
  21. May I know if hydraulic suppose to be a pair ? duno mine is considered finished or carpenter do halfway.. its only got 1 hydralic at left side. is there a softshut for such hydaulic?
  22. just wanna find out whether anyone had 2 pairs of runners for those big drawers? those 2 big drawer type. mine is 1pair(1 on left and 1 on right) and is fix at the base of the the drawer. tot it seems filmsy. Thinking if its possible to get ID to fix 2 pairs of runners?
  23. hmm... i was still tinking it was cut too short. tot should measure nice nice then wont need to see a big gap that requires the filling of the brown filling/silicon/grouting?? what about this?
  24. I've not seen other ppl laminate flooring before. not sure what is acceptable worksmanship. Just felt rather strange though. abit unfinished.. so much saw dust not a very polished look. will they be smoothening the surface at the end of it? Can advise? Why do they need to glue with silicon or grouting? looks weird..
  25. Bought my lights at chan huat. quite reasonably price for ceiling lights. and quite a lot of selection. but not much selection for hanging lights.