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  1. bo bian if u on budget for me just buy their study table hope dn give way
  2. i went last nite bt the guy was on duty incidentally is this chan huat the biggest and main one? the guy only gave 5% discount man. so i din buy and just bot some lights upstairs. tink i just go choo chiang clipsal in fact is not cheap
  3. their webby some like the zebrano (ac3) other than that better to go see their catalogue cos u cant visualize the look even if the webby has the range
  4. Hi ilmare my place no storerm leh but for my a little rm we budget lor bot ikea wooden planks (quality not fantastic) but at around 30 bucks for a plank, i guess u cant expect much
  5. wah ah jane got pics? possible to inform where u bot ur long island lightings? thanks
  6. just a note ah the exhibition was promoting their new range but my contractor only have the old range... so no new range for me
  7. Hi Ilmare my wtb saw this maybe it will help http://www.singaporebrides.com/forumboard/...html?1222139744
  8. my contractor quoted $70+ pfr for Cresto as well.. sometimes cheap is really not good..
  9. hehe maybe can choose a strategic hotel (as in not too ex for dinner) like what some of my frens do and then they made $$ from the dinner. important thing is guests must realize that now dinners are all inflated cos got GST la, service charge etc etc
  10. yeah man i think will kena heart attack. everything must go in liao! last nite went ikea buy sink for washing hehe carpentry started today and tomorrow they will be installing some of the wooden steps
  11. still tink kronotex is the most suitable even though i took supreme but will review the quality of supreme AC3
  12. sorry ah those who pm me i forgot who liao urm i got this electrician eric from some of the pioneers let me knw if i can provide this thks