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  1. I would like to share a posting on a facebook page, https://www.facebook...476478669041144 Look at how a young FT marrying a SG girl, and their nasty posting on facebook. No matter how wrong the elder have done in such event, shouldn't they just let the elder and their elder settle the issue, rather then posting and labeling their elder as thief on a public social media. And for your knowledge, the SG bride is an teacher in Singapore, really do not know what moral value will she be imparting to our next generation.
  2. KK also dun save much, and not a very nice experience there, if u do a search on the price for giving birth at all the different hospital the price is not very much different if u are staying in 4 or 6 beded rm. Unless u are staying in a single beded than the saving are a bit differences.
  3. Best wishes for you Zc31, hope to hear good news from you.
  4. When 3yrs is reach i'll consider make over for the toilet, than will consider songcho accessories. Other brand maybe cheaper, but quality wise.... haiz... So when redo toilet will sure change to songcho may cost a bit more, but dun have future headache and even change new place also can bring over as no matter how long u use it still look almost like new.
  5. Songcho still the best, but cost of the rack and the look of my HDB toilet so in the end bought the cheapest SS rack haha... Maybe next time when re-do toilet will get Songcho brand. I also like the look and feel of the songcho item.
  6. My wife initially also wanted glass, but i dun like the idea as more dangerous to kids at low lvl, so just buy cheap SS rack and install so it prove to be quite useful ahah... A bit obiang in the toilet la, but since my is HDB standard so just hack care lor...
  7. I think tony means hardworking la, not 'good luck' haha.... Think SS rack it better, can put more thing on it. At mine place got 2 SS rack, my wife put all the shampoo and body wash all on it, as my kids and us adult use different kind so have abt 6 bottles on the rack, can't imagine if glass shelf dun know can withstand the weight or not?? As my glass shelf for the mirror there seems shaky after 8mth of usage.
  8. Think new flat all are conceal piping, but old re-sale flat tat are more than 8-10yrs old are all exposed piping. If din rem wrongly to do conceal in old flat have to do water proofing for the wall also if the pipe are hidden inside tis i'm not sure may have to check with HDB for tat.
  9. Labour Day are for u, to do some labour works mah Mop and Mop and dust and dust hahaha.... think have to go through a few rounds b4 its really clean.
  10. Seems tat ur glass backing is up le, and the drawer are swee swee back congrats. So when is hand over from ur contractor/ID?? Wash clean wash clean again haha...
  11. Congrats on ur purchase of CCK 5I 128sqm are huge house so envy More pics
  12. Seems that you are very HAPPY with ur contractor initiative hor Good to hear that your contractor did the best to conceal those ugly wiring for you. As i always believe that she can deliver quality products for her service, although her sometime can be very blur ahaha...
  13. Think ur ID/contractor are also repsonsible enough too, and gd service standard. She scare u bombard her with solution mah haha, tat why asked her other in charge to go down. She is technical la, just tat forgetful like some of her customer have commented. But she is a responsible ID/contractor, till now after 10mth she still response to my call and queries for my hse defect therefore i like to comment her for her Good service to her existing customer like me.
  14. I believe she is HAPPY with her ID rectification already, as the drawer have already been done if i'm not wrong.
  15. Dun worry la, i believe ur ID won't be so petty right?? Hope she is reading tis thread than she will do more as its free adv for her mah haha... As i think tat the power of INTERNET