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  1. My current planned setup is remote/phone for main gate, phone/card for side gate and PIN/fingerprint for main door. If I want, I can get a PIN/card lock for the main door and use the same card for side gate and main door.
  2. I've seen them called "slide and fold", "slide and turn" and "slide and swing"
  3. I'm also very interested in what is found in the video. I asked my contractor but he said it's not available in Singapore. I'm not sure how hard he looked though. That said, I could not find any local supplier via Google
  4. I prefer bifold doors but my contractor is dead set against them due to concerns over reliability. He says sliding doors are much more reliable. However, I do see many people installing bifold doors nowadays so I don't know.......
  5. Ok, I've decided to do something radical (for local standards) instead. I'm going to remove and seal up my old main door and just use the sliding door as my main door. From this To this
  6. Noted. I'm just surprised I can't find any local supplier/installer on Google
  7. My existing pipes were 25 years old. I also changed all the piping starting from the meter to the toilets/kitchen using stainless steel. What is the total cost quoted for plumbing works?
  8. I wanted to do clear polycarbonate panel roofing for better lighting as well but my contractor warned me that it would get very hot so I switched to aluminium composite instead. Chose the thicker 6mm panels to reduce noise from rain hitting the panels
  9. Haha....ultimately it's still paid by owner one way or the other
  10. I guess have to factor in the cleaning/maintenance cost of the solar panel as well. As Topline mentioned, the joints around the ventilator could lead to leaks over time.
  11. Hi @Mandm You will be paying a very significant marked up portion of installation costs. For example, the Dahua 2MP camera can be found at Lazada for approx. half the price. Like Snoozee, I'm doing the setup by myself and use my contractor (electrician) to just lay the cables. For my video intercom system, I bought the Hikvision DS-KIS603-P system for under $300. You can see who's at the door and unlock from your phone. It has card access and can integrate with my Hikvision CCTV /NVR system as well. Available at Lazada or Shopee.
  12. Without knowing your exact breakdown, it seems high as mine is a 3.5 storey corner terrace? For water tank and pump (includes PUB submission), I was quoted $20K.
  13. There's a good movie documentary called "Planet of the Humans" by Michael Moore on Youtube that talks about the feasibility/viability (or lack thereof) of solar/wind energy. I believe you will think differently about solar panels and electric cars etc. after watching. Real eye opener.
  14. Hi, isn't the lock rated for 12V 3A? Should I upsize the power supply to 12V 5A?
  15. Hi AWS, Is the CISA lock waterproof or did you install a rain cover for the lock?
  16. Thanks for the advice. I will most probably have do a frame to install the other part of the lock. Something like this......
  17. Hi AWS, Thanks for the recommendation. Do you have a separate "Press to Exit" button on the inside wall of the gate? Or does the red button on the lock serve this function?
  18. Hi, Does anyone have local contacts to buy direct for Viro or Cisa electric locks for side gate? A few I contacted wanted sell at $800-$1000 that includes installation. I believe the lock costs around $200+ and power supply ($20-$30) based on what I see on overseas online shops. My electrician is already laying the wiring to the gate so I find the $800 labour charge just to install and wire to my intercom quite exorbitant.
  19. I believe this 3m setback for 3rd floor no longer applies with the new envelop control rules?
  20. Roof is the best place to put the water tank in my opinion. Mine is on the ground floor and it takes up space and is an eyesore. Maintenance is typically just annual tank cleaning so not a big issue. Should try to reduce scope of work to shorten timeline where possible so you need to decide whether the tank relocation is really necessary. Moving the water tank also requires licenced plumber to do PUB submission.
  21. If you have not committed, they will not provide you any designs as they are afraid you will bring their design to another builder.
  22. I'm also renovating and on the lookout for toilet fittings and lights. Don't mind groupbuy if it's not too much trouble. I'm supposed to provide my own fittings anyway so no issue with attendance charge