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  1. I will tell some of my friends to give you a call or pm you.
  2. Are these offers still available? Or maybe you have something similar especially with the Covid and the economic disaster that we are facing?
  3. Have you considered that maybe your ventilation is the issue in the first place? It might be the reason Behind your replacement of the metal parts in the first place. We had the same issue with my house as the ventilation was very bad and throughout the years with the mold and humidity ,it was inevitable to change the whole roof. As you know you learn by mistakes so the next time I installed my roof I chose one of the best exhaust fans. It's cheaper to pay for a nice ventilation system than changing the roof every 10 years due to bad ventilation.
  4. Is this interest-rate still available? It was back in August when the pandemic just started and I'm wondering if the rates are still there after all these months. I have some friends that need loans due to the pandemic and the whole situation they are in at the moment. I'm like enough to have planned everything accordingly In order to not need any credit from any leaching bloodsucking bank. Every time I hear them cry about their debt I love referring them to this article https://www.calxa.com/what-is-a-cash-flow-forecast About how important is to plan your expenses.