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  1. May I know whether your contacts were all through recommendations? Was the painter a 1-man show? How do you find the workmanship of your carpentry? I like the idea of your desks. I notice your wooden bed frame. May I know where did you purchase it?
  2. I've been a silent reader. Can you please pm me Contractor E and Contractors J&E? Thanks!
  3. Ene, I'd like to get a similar kind of fridge too because I think we'd use that compartment more often and we don't have to bend as much since the compartment is not in the middle section.
  4. I think most make use of the feature wall to mount their TVs and to conceal the wires. If you are not mounting the TV, IMO, I think you can do without and save some money.
  5. I did manage to get someone to answer their telephone and he said that their sofas are sold at Courts now. So I guess you can only get them at Courts.
  6. Can anyone let me know whether they provide sofas with leather material? Thanks!
  7. Armani, Most mattresses I have seen in the market that are within my budget either are pocket springs or bonnell (inner) springs. Pocket springs are springs that are not connected to each other so when your partner tosses and turns, you won't feel it. It's like the Simmons commercial with the bowling ball. Bonnell springs technology is less advanced than pocket springs. The springs are connected. Because of that, mattresses that have inner/bonnell springs are cheaper. Full latex mattresses are just made with latex with no springs at all. However, nowadays, most brands have mattresses that have a layer of latex on top of pocket or inner springs. It's like a layer of comfort on top of support. Natural latex prevents the proliferation of many bacteria and has a proven anti-mold effect. At the end of the day, you have to try the mattresses to see which one you feel most comfortable with. Hope this helps.