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Found 10 results

  1. My career and health doesn't work well. The corner unit is Muslim family. They put 3 objects in the corridor, especially the duck mouth pointing at my main door. My unit is next to corner unit. I can pm you the picture. It seem like forcing me to sell away my house, bad or no luck. Am I really pang dang about this?
  2. Circle 96’s master siaw explains fengshui placement of your shoe cabinet What are your thoughts?
  3. Pls share whether you have used Adeline phang? Appreciate feedback. Tks
  4. Hi all.. I would like to seek some advice on Feng Shui aspects of our house layout... it is a standard HDB BTO 4 room layout, and we were thinking of changing it, but worried that it might not be "good feng shui" for the house .... so here it goes: Question 1 ) In Feng Shui, I think it is said that doors should not face each other or something? Which means LAYOUT 3 & LAYOUT 2 are not good right? Since the door of the study is facing the master bedroom's door? However, as per in the Original Floorplan, the door of the common toilet is also facing the door of one of the bedrooms. Does this means it's bad as well? Question 2) I heard LAYOUT 3 may be even worse than LAYOUT 2, in the sense that the protruding perpendicular wall edge of the room is "bad" or something (resembles a sharp thing poking against you)? Although it could be that right angled/ 90 degrees ones are okay, only those that are not right-angled are bad? As such, is LAYOUT 1 the only "safe" / "okay" one in terms of Feng shui? Or are Layout 2 and Layout 3 fine as well? Does anybody has any idea regarding this =( ??? Thank you in advance! >.< EDIT: Title should be "Advice Regarding Change of House Layout"
  5. The layout of the master bedroom is a headache and no matter how we try to position the bed it's either one of these options: a) feet facing door = HECK NO b) feet facing window = isn't that just as bad as the door? c) bed under the window No matter what we try it seems like everything also cannot. And, not to be paranoid, but the previous owners got a divorce so let's just say we're extra pantang. Anyone got any cures or suggestions? Aside from buying a study headboard? It's a really tricky room
  6. I bought a new apartment with my boyfriend recently. Prior to our acquisition and renovation, the place is bare since TOP, which means it was not stayed in for about 6 months. We are not religious/superstitious people, so we didn't really bother about auspicious days to step into the new house, start renovation and end renovation (although technically we will be putting some kitchen/bathroom accessories so renovation has not ended, going by my research?). Somemore, I have already started moving our things into the new house. Thing is, my boyfriend's mother wants us to move in after chinese new year, saying she will invite a shifu to purify the house for us and do the stove ceremony and everything. She assured us that we can still entertain our friends at the new house. IMO, a shifu is not really necessary right? I see the other forummers can just do the ceremony themselves. That is if we even want to do it since it's weird that we have not done it previously but only starting now. Another thing is, is it true that I can entertain at the new house before we do the ceremony? By this I mean: (1) inviting friends to play mahjong (2) inviting friends to hang out there (3) inviting friends for dinner (4) us just hanging out there (5) cooking? is it allowed? i.e. can we use the stove, and if cannot, if we do steamboat and stuff without using the stove but using an electric pot, is that fine?
  7. Dear all, I will like to share with you all on Top 7 Must See Kitchen Feng Shui Taboos. Hope this help in Feng Shui your kitchen!
  8. Dear all, Next year forecast is already out. Take a look here! Do you believe or not? But no harm taking a look.
  9. 49kg Amethyst Crystal for sale. The whole crystal rock weighs 49kg, 70cm in height, 32cm across the base and approx 20 in depth. Purchased at $3000+, asking for $1400 (negotiable), Cash and Carry. Reason to let go because we are moving to new premise. This crystal has brought me lots of luck, but I'm not about to haul 50kg rock to Chengdu with me. I hope it has a new owner who blesses it and bring them luck too. First Come First Serve. Please contact 82202029 (Terry, SMS preferred). http://pc.cd/M90 http://pc.cd/Le0 http://pc.cd/SM0 OR https://my.pcloud.com/#page=publink&code=XZx8mZlMzws0jIHgzPuOd0jeeLqui5q1Xk https://my.pcloud.com/#page=publink&code=XZK8mZ3wTiyMDluTYRemYW17TPc08mWJTy https://my.pcloud.com/#page=publink&code=XZd8mZXqm3jPPoYujHA2QoH591aFhmq20X
  10. Custom size 3M 6050/6850 floor mat Hi all, I am carrying 3M 6050/6850 scraper mats and offer custom sizing services up to a width of 124cm. These mats are great for trapping dirt from your shoes with great holding capacity. Unlike other mats, 3M mats is one entire piece on its own. The scappers (loops) are actually part of the base itself so it is definitely durable and you will not need to worry that the mat starts splitting after prolong usage. Click here to see more details from the 3M official website! Please contact me at biggtinyy@gmail.com for orders or enquires! Thank you and have a nice day~