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Cheating Woes

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If ur hb says he only did it for fun & it isnt serious, he has to prove to u with actions. Wat will he do now to cut off all contact with dat woman?

he just says he wont answer her calls.

He has to tell u wat he will do to salvage the marriage & show dat he reali is doing something.

he says he wll treats me even nicer.

Change his hp bills to itemised billing (his call records will all be shown on the bill)? Change job (if dat woman is a colleague)?

he wont change job/hp no. its veryt impt to him/work.

Call u more often to 'report' w/o u having to track him? He has to be open abt his movements now.

he doesnt like it. he said he got no life like that.

For the time being, u will experience mood swings. Sometimes u will feel dat u can forgive him & deal with it. Sometimes, u will hate him to the core.

how do you know? cos thats exactly what i am feeling now. I think i am going crazy.


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Hi flo...

Understands hw u feel...u wil feel insecure now & starts to let yr imagination runs wild wheneva he comes back late or never picks up yr cal...

Hmmm...hope u really pulls thru, its difficult...bt really hope u can c the difference in his change!


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hi flo ~ i read thru the posts in this thread and feel sorry for u. :dancingqueen: I do agree with diva/Cantona & brainstorm...that is never to make a critical decision in this kind of situation. Prehaps u need to have a break, relax yr self and sort out yr thoughts. U have to ask yrself if u still loves him, willing to forgive him and totally threat it as a history that both of u wont mentioned this again (cos guys hates womens to forgive them but bring this issue up again when quarrelling or what) so if u cannot let go of this incident then be true to yrself.

if u really willing to forgive and forget, then no matter he change his hp, change job or what dun really matters le. cos when u willing to forgive and forget, it means a new start. yr hubby told u he is not going to change his job, not going to change his hp and not going to report to u on his moevement, that only shows that if u willing to forgive him then is a total new start. everything should be the same as in the past.

I hope u stay strong and make yr most wise decision. no mattre what decision u make, all of us here will support u one. take care...


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