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  1. hi all happen to see this thread. me also wanna get some wall decal online myself. but tot more of us buying can share the shipping cost. what u guys think? if wan maybe i can arrange a spree (group buy) together. if interested i send u guys the link then we can buy together from the seller. let me know.
  2. missysg

    Wall Decals

    i brought my decal here.... www.nicewalldecal.blogspot.com
  3. how abt this webby.......... www.nicewalldecal.blogspot.com
  4. missysg

    Curtains Help

    hi all i have some excess string curtain which i need to sell off. colour available will be black, white and dark brown. interested parties may email me at winnie_82@ymail.com quality is consider average not those very thin one which will tangle easily.standard measurement. selling per pkt at $39. let me know ya.
  5. Hi all sad to know that forum members here are experiencing this kind of bad experience with gplan. i suppose they wont be my next choice of reno co should i reno my hse the next time. and i agree gplan quote is on the high end. i saw kelvin before when i went to gplan for discussion and show down with shirley and to me he got that "xiao zhang" (snobbish) look. dun like him...he give me that impression that project not more than 20k basically he wont entertain. thats the impression he give me lor.just a point to note, if u sign the contract under advante design note that advante design is not under case trust etc. so means wanna complain also no use.
  6. haha this thread was indeed interesting really. was laughing at some of the reply. however at the same time worried for andywee. me also staying at low floor (5th floor). what i did was i brought a "trap ball" from carrefour and insert inside the drainage hole. so far ok lei..no worms or what came out. but after hearing what andywee said..i got abit worried now. by the way...the pic above is really gross. yucks
  7. i suspect is at the mediacorp that area. u know there got sells lots of flowers one. think is inside there.
  8. hi...think i can only help u with the rice cooker. as for the rest think is depends on yr requirement. for the rice cooker i recommend toshiba one. they got a latest rice cooker which is not telfon coating but very high end material forgot what is called. the cooker can be used to bake cake, cook soup., steam rice cook, quick rice cook, porridge aiya alot more i cant rem le. lol. most of the retailer like hv etc are not selling cheap lor. i got mine in a neighbourhood store. best deal at $140 or so for the big size cooker while hv etc are selling abt $148 like that for a small one. if u intersted and stay near jurong west area let me know then i tell u where to get it. cheers
  9. hi ...can you please share with me the list of contacts for your sub contractors? i need it for my MIL hse. you can email me at xiujing@ymail.com by the way, yr hse really nice nice wor....
  10. wxb - the dish rack suppose to be stainless steel. mine also stainless steel as mentioned by the ID in their quotation. But then mine also start to rust le. even the base of the dish rack. Dunno can complain anot..i scare later my id said i din do a gd job in maintaining it.
  11. welcome nainy_ezmeralda. have fun in doing yr reno. halow everyone of u!!!!
  12. Hi All Sorry for my late reply as i seldom log in to this thread. Anywayi just like to express my thanks yto Gary from Gplan. After all these mess Shirley had done to my new love nest, Gary make an effort to help settle all the ****s shirley had left over. Gary was a nice man...like what the others gary customers said...he dun just listen to yr idea but also contribute his ideas and said the truth of everything.At least he dun try to hide this hide that from us. There was a carpentry work which he said he will do it for us after the cny cos at that point of time is near to cny le....so i said ok. and i feel very very satisfied and happy is that he really rem to call me up after the cny to arrange for the carpentry work to be installed. I also sms him a thank you msg to thank him for all these. I will also send a letter to Gplan to thank gary for what he had done for us. As i mentioned long ago in my post...what i suay is to meet an inressponsible ID shirley and is not that Gplan is not good. The rest of the id i cant comment cos i nv work with them before. But gary really do the extra mile to help us out. So rem...the company does not really matter is really the ID u gonna work with for us if right from the start it was gary whom we gonna work with i thiink it makes everything easier.
  13. hi can provide me yr contractor nos. as i seldom log in can u email me the contact at xiujing@ymail.com thk
  14. hi if u going to sign up with PJ then got to be careful with the managers over there. i suppose to hold my AD there with PJ but they cancel my booking without giving me any valid reason n just refund me. i had spoken to the media and now see if they wanna oublish my news so that i can alert the brides out there.