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  1. hi all happen to see this thread. me also wanna get some wall decal online myself. but tot more of us buying can share the shipping cost. what u guys think? if wan maybe i can arrange a spree (group buy) together. if interested i send u guys the link then we can buy together from the seller. let me know.
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    Wall Decals

    i brought my decal here.... www.nicewalldecal.blogspot.com
  3. how abt this webby.......... www.nicewalldecal.blogspot.com
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    Curtains Help

    hi all i have some excess string curtain which i need to sell off. colour available will be black, white and dark brown. interested parties may email me at winnie_82@ymail.com quality is consider average not those very thin one which will tangle easily.standard measurement. selling per pkt at $39. let me know ya.
  5. Hi all sad to know that forum members here are experiencing this kind of bad experience with gplan. i suppose they wont be my next choice of reno co should i reno my hse the next time. and i agree gplan quote is on the high end. i saw kelvin before when i went to gplan for discussion and show down with shirley and to me he got that "xiao zhang" (snobbish) look. dun like him...he give me that impression that project not more than 20k basically he wont entertain. thats the impression he give me lor.just a point to note, if u sign the contract under advante design note that advante design is not under case trust etc. so means wanna complain also no use.
  6. haha this thread was indeed interesting really. was laughing at some of the reply. however at the same time worried for andywee. me also staying at low floor (5th floor). what i did was i brought a "trap ball" from carrefour and insert inside the drainage hole. so far ok lei..no worms or what came out. but after hearing what andywee said..i got abit worried now. by the way...the pic above is really gross. yucks
  7. i suspect is at the mediacorp that area. u know there got sells lots of flowers one. think is inside there.
  8. hi...think i can only help u with the rice cooker. as for the rest think is depends on yr requirement. for the rice cooker i recommend toshiba one. they got a latest rice cooker which is not telfon coating but very high end material forgot what is called. the cooker can be used to bake cake, cook soup., steam rice cook, quick rice cook, porridge aiya alot more i cant rem le. lol. most of the retailer like hv etc are not selling cheap lor. i got mine in a neighbourhood store. best deal at $140 or so for the big size cooker while hv etc are selling abt $148 like that for a small one. if u intersted and stay near jurong west area let me know then i tell u where to get it. cheers
  9. hi ...can you please share with me the list of contacts for your sub contractors? i need it for my MIL hse. you can email me at xiujing@ymail.com by the way, yr hse really nice nice wor....
  10. wxb - the dish rack suppose to be stainless steel. mine also stainless steel as mentioned by the ID in their quotation. But then mine also start to rust le. even the base of the dish rack. Dunno can complain anot..i scare later my id said i din do a gd job in maintaining it.
  11. welcome nainy_ezmeralda. have fun in doing yr reno. halow everyone of u!!!!
  12. Hi All Sorry for my late reply as i seldom log in to this thread. Anywayi just like to express my thanks yto Gary from Gplan. After all these mess Shirley had done to my new love nest, Gary make an effort to help settle all the ****s shirley had left over. Gary was a nice man...like what the others gary customers said...he dun just listen to yr idea but also contribute his ideas and said the truth of everything.At least he dun try to hide this hide that from us. There was a carpentry work which he said he will do it for us after the cny cos at that point of time is near to cny le....so i said ok. and i feel very very satisfied and happy is that he really rem to call me up after the cny to arrange for the carpentry work to be installed. I also sms him a thank you msg to thank him for all these. I will also send a letter to Gplan to thank gary for what he had done for us. As i mentioned long ago in my post...what i suay is to meet an inressponsible ID shirley and is not that Gplan is not good. The rest of the id i cant comment cos i nv work with them before. But gary really do the extra mile to help us out. So rem...the company does not really matter is really the ID u gonna work with for us if right from the start it was gary whom we gonna work with i thiink it makes everything easier.
  13. hi can provide me yr contractor nos. as i seldom log in can u email me the contact at xiujing@ymail.com thk
  14. hi if u going to sign up with PJ then got to be careful with the managers over there. i suppose to hold my AD there with PJ but they cancel my booking without giving me any valid reason n just refund me. i had spoken to the media and now see if they wanna oublish my news so that i can alert the brides out there.
  15. haha i also realise dogs bark loudly during the night. fatbabe ~ think u got to write a formal and stern email to to top mgmt so as to get the rectification done. if not write to the newspaper...titled as " HDB Premium Flat = Premium Problems???? lol seems like over here alot of ppl play mj hor...my neighbour in front of my unit also...play almost every weekend. sometime when i mj during weekend, i also can hear the sound of washing the tiles from other units. hahah
  16. dlim ~ me staying on the 5th floor. now need to touch up abit. but both of us abit sianz to do nay touch up lei. haha...bf will move in after cny first. hse complete le lor..execpt curtain and mbr wardrobe. aforahma- u said u go there clean every weekend..tot u already move in le?? o ya dlim for mj club hor...i found two very good masters.. can consult zen and wxb. played with them before...quite good player wor... o ya by the way,anyway installing wardrobe from closet design, alumix or ximula??? if yes can let me know which one better?
  17. yoz dlim me not yet move in...just stay over during weekend...also cannot stand the dust...must make sure i clean every weekend. think when i move in liao..sure everyday vacum and mop the hse one..my toilet also full of dust...u can see dust on the toilet paper holder...really faint.
  18. heheh seems like all of us gt alot of things to complain ya. maybe bcos me staying at low level...so can hear ppls shouting,talking etc which disturb my beauty sleep. Din know so many ppls here like to sing ktv. aiya even they wanna sing should sign during the weekend and shouldnt on the volume so loud. if they really love singing day and night then should be considerate enough to do sound proof for their "entertainment room" ma. haiz.... i think the most irritating things which i cannot tolerate is the tons of dusts in my hse. sigh
  19. hi hi everyone... now this thread so quiet liao wor.. aiya nvm la...cos we all are closely connected by our heart and hp hahaha fatbabe saw yr post on the heater thing and knw u already brought the storge liao. too bad cannot contribute my view liao haha. but anyway storage and instant got its plus and minus pt la...if for me to choose again...i will opt for instant but then again....i die die need to use storage cos me runing hot pipe to my basin. o ya early happy new yr to everyone ya...me gonna leave town for a short getaway...so all nice nice neighbour help me keep a look out for my love nest hor. after i come back from my short trip, me gonna do my touch up and reno on my mbr liao... 2nd reno gonna start in 2009!
  20. hi ahbee ~ i did check with my id that time she told me she let me sign the contract with advanti letterhead was bcos adavnti no gst! it was too late cos sign liao then realise. all blame that i trust her easily at the begining. AD is a sub of gplan however if u enounter any problem cannot go radac cos AD is not radac approve. hi diva - u are right. one rotten apple exist in the company does not mean all appples are rotten. i share my ecounter over here is not getting new home owners not to engage gplan but they got to be careful with the id they choose. like for me i cfm + chop wont recommend my id to any new home owners but still they can choose other good id if they decided to go with gplan ya...i was really pissed off with the id i engage. i take it as a lesson lor. what to do right hi all...just a note to emphasis that i am not trying to influence home owner not to choose gplan as their reno firm. But just sharing my very bad encounter with all first time new home owners the kind of id i had engage. i have to let ppl know that this id whom i engage from gplan works and handle my project so that new home owners wont encounter or go thru the bad experience i had once gone thru. i dunno how many ppls posting here are the id from gplan cos from what i know alot of reno id actuall came over here to do their own posting. however i give it a benefit of doubts on this. anyway...i just wanna let all first time home owners to take note on my encounter so if u going to engage gplan then dun select my id cos i dun wan any of u to go thru all the things i had gone thru. as a first time home owners there are alot of things which we dunno and need the help and advise from the id...so enagaging a good id is important. by the way my id is a lady.... her surname is kao. so please be carefu when selecting yr id. thanks o by the way newvic u just a newbie over renotalk wor. welcome wor.
  21. thanks...means at groom place, i am not able to wear kua to serve tea lor. i really love wearing kua to serve tea at both side sob
  22. hi all... i am a 2009 bride and had some doubts on the AD. Hope u guys/gals can enlighten me. AD Programme morning groom to fetch bride then serve tea to bride parents as to thanks them for bringing up the bride then proceed to groom place and pray to "tian gong" , accesstors then serve tea then back to new house then to bride house then hotel is this planning ok?? another big problem which i dun seems ppl asking is the grown. i love to wear the kua. intend to wear kua from my mom place all the way to hotel but heard that...bride after serve tea at groom place should change to another grown before going back to bride house. if not the bride will be seens as rejected by the groom. if really thats the case...then i wear white gorwn to groom place pray to tian gong and accesstor then change into kua and serve tea to mil then wear the kua to my mom place to serve tea? can??
  23. hi all i am a customer of gplan. i almost bring this issue to CASE. All i can said is that not all id in gplan are inressponsible. there are bound to have nice and capable id. however the id whom i work with in gplan was really jialiat. my nightmare started in april this yr. the whole incident till now have yet to settle. let me just summarise the bad encounters with gplan. 1) she quoted us black galaxy granite and confirm that it will be from india. in the end when she show us the sample the granite is just like the kopitam table top. then ask her cfm if from india..she said yes. i got to find a pc of granite origin from india and show her. then days later come back to me said the sample she show me is china. india one more x! the price she quote rather ridiculous. 2) she send pumpler up to my unit to do the pipping w/o informing us, without finalising our layout, needs and requirement. i was so pissied off. already told we need to consult our FS master for an auspicious date before conducting the reno. Furthermore we had not yet finalise on the quotation, the requirements of what we want. and worse till din inform us at all. she also wasnt there when the pumpler went up to do the pipping. in the end, she din run the hot pipping for me. her way to solve the problem is - run my hot pipping outside my kitchen window into the common toilet heater! 3) she was suppose to do the drawing and 3d drawing for me. in the end i din rcvd any 3d drawing from her! despite in the contract stated after the payment i shall rcvd the mock up and 3d drawing! 4) she miscount the nos. of blum auto hinges despite we keep on asking her if it was enough. went down with her to blum office and the sales rep ask us a question which make us stunned. his question was " why u all choose her as yr id huh??" 5) told her that the solid top that they installed was blur. and got a scratch mark. ask her to rectify. took her weeks to come up and see. then said will bring back. 3days later carry back the same old solid top to us and said already rectify le! told her that the solid top was unacceptable cos it was blur and the scratch mark was there. she said the blur is like that one... and throw temper. she even scold vagular language to my bf in front of the solid top installers and the solid top sales mgr. 6) told her over the phone that the recliner for the window pannel meant for the dish rack came off. the blum drawer did not install properly she said she will look into it but still sep still no news from here. 7) told us free installation of bathroom accessories in the end said heater not included 8) never give us a time line as when to do the handover 9) never been to site to take alook...she dun even know the progress of my reno! i have to do the coordination my self. they later send us a reminder on the final payment which is $1k plus when they haven even rectify all the defects! i then purchase our washing machine and while testing on the washing machine we realise that the drainage pipe for the washing machine got problem. the water actually back flow...meaning flow out from the drainage pipe! that was a serious problem. so decided to drop them an email and bring this issue to CASE to settle. only then another guy call gary took up our case and yesterday came over to take photos of the defects and said will email me the corrective plans. all i can said is that this id whom i liasing with is really plain lazy to contribute ideas especially like us the first time owners who know not much at all. she also forgetful and nv make the effort in at least going on site to see how the progress of my reno. even the progressive payment..i got to make my way down to imm to pass to her! told me solid top got 5 yrs warranty in the end..is bull ****... no such things at all! my experience with gplan was a disaster and i really regret going with gplan. sigh. i am really a consumer and not from any id firm u all may check my past post in reno talk. all i said is real encounter with gplan and i dun mind showing u guys my letter to gplan and CASE. lastly when i went in their office..the name is under gplan but the contract i sign was under the name of Advanti Design. Do note that Adavanti design is not hdb licence one while gplan is. please do take note.